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Health, Fitness & Dieting

By: Nancy N Wilson
Stop Eating Yourself Into an Early Grave- STOP KILLING YOURSELF! Be SMART. This book will teach you how to make healthy eating choices ”” delicious, nutritious foods that will help you live a longer, happier, healthier life.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

A Cursed Book
By: Amy Braun
Wanted by law enforcement. Chased by drug cartels. Hunted by demons…

Constance Ramirez has more than her share of problems when it comes to protecting her adopted sister, Andromeda. Especially since Andromeda isn’t fully human, and her strange powers are dangerous and out of control.

But Constance will do anything to keep her safe, which won’t be easy with bounty hunters hired by the drug cartel she betrayed looking to capture her, and savage monsters seeking to take Andromeda for their own dark purposes.

Being a big sister has never been so hard… Or so deadly.


By: Calista Skye
Can a BBW pilot and a sexy alien warrior find love in the midst of war?
Gamma Raiders continues with a second standalone novel packed with action, adventure, humor, and romance!


By: Ken Montrose
“Today I will combine skepticism with optimism in my search for a happier truth.”

Home Groupies is a ”˜thought for the day’ book in the form of a novella. Rather than being spoken by a disembodied voice, the daily messages arise from the lives of flesh and blood characters. They struggle with their own issues as they deal with their friend Sharon’s struggle with cancer.

“Today I will accept sometimes I am powerless over that which is most precious and painful.”

By: Ken Montrose
Like its predecessor, Home Groupies II is a ”˜thought for the day’ book in the form of a novella. The lives of the core characters give rise to the daily messages.
Also like its predecessor, Home Groupies II has a message, characters, and a plot. I know you will enjoy all three again.
The first workbook written by your Addiction
By: Ken Montrose
My Plan To Ruin Your Life is a workbook geared to help people struggling to see how their addiction controls them. The voice of the workbook is the reader’s addiction.
The next workbook written by your Addiction
By: Ken Montrose
My Favorite Character Defects is the second book written by Addiction. Addiction describes character defects he uses to keep addicted people addicted. He challenges the reader to recognize his tricks and stop abusing whatever it is they abuse:
A decision making guide for people in recovery
By: Ken Montrose
This workbook outlines five steps for taking medications. It provides exercises to explore the need for medications, and asks the reader to take stock of his or her recovery. A brief outline of the steps follows.

The first step is to stop taking anything not prescribed for you. This includes alcohol and other drugs, over-the-counter medications, and anything prescribed for your spouse or significant other. Although you may share your love, life, and soul, with this person, do not share his or her medications.
The second step, which should be done at the same time as the first, is finding a doctor familiar with addiction and recovery. Just because your doctor or dentist has been to medical or dental school, does not mean he or she understands addiction.
The third step involves working with your doctor to eliminate all unnecessary medications. Sometimes that means stopping a medication right away, sometimes it means tapering off medication.
The fourth step is treating whatever still needs treatment. Treatments other than medications are considered first. Medications that are not habit-forming are considered next. Anything that might be addictive is considered only as a last resort.
The fifth step is to take stock and reevaluate the need for prescribed medications. We suggest taking stock frequently.

A guide for agnostics/atheists in early recovery
By: Ken Montrose
Choosing A Higher Purpose is a brief guide for agnostics/atheists struggling with religious and spiritual issues inherent to Twelve Step programs. Choosing A Higher Purpose advises agnostics and atheists to substitute a higher purpose for a Higher Power.

This guide asks agnostics/atheists to stay clean and sober while they sort through what they believe and why they believe or disbelieve as they do. Further, Choosing a Higher Purpose suggests practicing the daily disciplines others in recovery practice. These disciplines include taking stock, writing a gratitude list, and going to Twelve Step meetings.

By: Ken Montrose
Home Groupies III is the third novella in this ‘thought for the day’ series. HG3 continues the story of a friends from the same home group who both struggle with and savor life. Like it’s predecessors, HG3 has been described as funny, quirky, and often insightful. A sampling of HG3’s daily messages follow.

“Today I will remember I can’t chase an addiction without leaving a loved one in the dust.”

“Today I will be grateful as I remember the old adage: Wasted not, wanted not,” (at least not by law enforcement.)

“Today I will be grateful I’m not stark, craving, mad.”

“Today I will take heart. While evil may be deliberately hidden, a lot of good goes unnoticed.”

“Today I will remember confidence often comes from doing things despite not feeling confident.”

“Today I will try to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do.”

“Today I will not feel obligated by social obligations.”

By: Ken Montrose
Written for people new to recovery, this workbook helps the reader develop a realistic outlook on forgiveness. Basic, and sometimes difficult, truths discussed in Forgiveness include:
â–¸ The people we hope will forgive us don’t have to.
â–¸ Seeing the other person’s point of view isn’t always easy, our point of view may not be easy for them to see.
â–¸ We do well to practice the AA slogan clean your side of the street.
â–¸ Forgiveness is a wonderful gift, but one we may have to give judiciously.
â–¸ Part of recovery is learning to forgive ourselves.
Breaking your addiction to them
By: Ken Montrose
This workbook looks at the carrot and the stick of opiate addiction. The exercises are geared to helping the reader recognize what motivates him to continue using these drugs. It also discusses common-sense approaches to recovering from addiction.
How not to become roadkill on the highway to recovery
By: Ken Montrose
Many meditation books lift us above the din of our daily existence. This isn’t one of them. Topics covered include learning from people you don’t like, squeezing the joy out of life, not judging people by their appearances, finding peace in noisy places, and never picking up the first drink or drug, no matter what. All thirty lessons have a page for writing a daily inventory and a gratitude list.
Starting recovery young
By: Ken Montrose
This workbook addresses questions frequently asked by young people new to recovery: What will I do? Who will I spend time with? How will I get through life without drugs? Why are drugs so hard to quit? The text underscores how the resilience of youth is eventually overwhelmed by the progressive nature of addiction. Contains a parable about burning down houses infested with singing rats.

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