So, Who Is The Author Marketing Club For?

I've written a book and I need more reviews and ways to sell it!

If you have already written a book or multiple books, you know that writing it was the easy part. Now, comes the real challenge, marketing the book and selling copies. We can give you the tools and training to help you become a top-selling author in digital and in print.

I'm writing a book and I need to get the training I need to be successful.

Now is the time to start your marketing plan for your future book, even before it's finished. The decisions you make now while you write it will help you choose the correct category, or cover, and help you decide how to launch your book like a best seller would.

"We all have a lot going on these days, and anything that saves time for our marketing efforts is a good thing. Recently, I discovered Author Marketing Club's Premium option which includes a fantastic service for discovering appropriate book reviewers, as well as an HTML generator for making funky sales descriptions."

Joanna Penn, author, internet entrepreneur and international speaker



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"The goodies and tools via the Author Marketing Club Premium membership are like candy! So sweet and addictive to use. This outfit has thought through what writers want and made it fun to stay on the website and learn about how to be a better author entrepreneur. In a world full of scams and quick-buck enterprises, this one stands out as a legit enterprise that's truly interested in what writers need."

C. Hope Clark, Editor and Award-Winning Mystery Author,

"You get a TON of value from the Author Marketing Club premium membership. I especially love their tool that locates Amazon reviewers for your book. The membership also includes author training programs as well as opportunities to advertise your book to their growing audience. Highly recommended."

Shelley Hitz,

"Oh my goodness, my AMC cover I got as a bonus for joining Premium is off the chain! I thought the review grabber made my membership worth the price. But seeing this cover, printing it and getting cold reactions (all said they were ready to buy the book - Yay), makes me ready to re-up my membership for next year."

Liz Washington, AKA, Naughtie Scribe

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Jim F. Kukral, the Founder of AMC has been featured in...

Dear Author, When my first book came out I quickly figured out that just because I had a book did not mean it was going to sell itself. That's when I realized that the writing of the book was the easy part, and the marketing of it was the real challenge. So I created Author Marketing Club for the author that wishes to take their book marketing and sales to the next level using the tools that the best selling authors use every single day.

We now serve over 30,000 members in over 105 countries all over the world! Our members log in to our site every day to use our powerful time-saving tools and get high-level training on how to sell more books. We have authors that are full-time making six figures or more, and new authors who are just learning how to break into the business.

Watch the video above for a demonstration of what is offered in the membership, and check out the testimonials and the detailed descriptions of AMC Premium to see why this is such a great value. *We are so confident you will find our membership valuable that for over six-years now we offer a no-question, guaranteed refund to all new members upon joining.

See you on the inside!

*Refund policy is 7-days for the monthly membership. 30-days for the yearly.

- Jim F. Kukral, Founder of AMC

"You get a TON of value from the Author Marketing Club premium membership. I especially love their tool that locates Amazon reviewers for your book. The membership also includes author training programs as well as opportunities to advertise your book to their growing audience. Highly recommended."

Shelley Hitz,

Powerful Tools That Save You Time & Require No Technical Experience

Want Easy Access To Thousands Of Potential Reviewers?

Our Reviewer Grabber tool is a quick and easy way to find potential reviewers of your books. We save you hundreds of hours of time going to Amazon on your own looking for contact information from these reviewers. Download the reviewer information to your hard drive so you can keep a master list of reviewers for future books!

Make Your Book Descriptions Stand Out With Our Amazon Description Generator

A beautiful book description that is formatted professionally will engage your reader into buying. This easy to use tool requires no HTML experience. You simply type in your book description information, and click a button. We then give you a piece of code to simply copy and paste into your Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard!

Want To Sell More Books On Your Website Or Blog?

Use our simple book widget generator to showcase all of your books on your website or blog. You simply tell us the link of your book, pick a style and size of your widget, and click a button and we'll give you a piece of code to place on your website or blog that will showcase your book(s) from multiple sellers.

Want To Test Book Covers With The Power Of Social Media?

Our easy to use "Help Me Choose A Cover" tool allows you to upload up to four different book cover designs. Then it creates a voting page you can share to social media where potential readers and friends can actually click on the cover they like best and vote on it! This gives you valuable feedback on the cover and also helps you start spreading the word about your book before you launch it!

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Learn How To Master Being An Author With Our Courses, Masterclasses & Quick Lessons

The Academy Is Waiting For Your Admission!

The Author Marketing Academy offers full length video courses to teach you how to become successful author. Course topics include:













"I want to thank you, very sincerely, for the Enhanced Description Generator, which is a way-cool tool! I took advantage of it at once. Very easy to work with and I am so pleased with the results. As I explore all the other features you are offering, I am more and more confident that this was an investment well-made. There is a whole new industry out there, of people trying to make money helping self-published writers. You most definitely have risen to the top of the class. Thank you for being so creative, and especially, so responsive. It means a lot."

Octavia Randolph

Learn From The Masters With AMC Masterclasses!

Ever wanted to look over the shoulder of the world's best experts on different topics of expertise? Our Masterclasses feature high-level experts who will show you how to master things like:

Only Have 10 Minutes A Day To Learn? Try Our Quick Video Checklist!

The AMC Checklist featured 20+ quick (5 minute or less) videos that show you have to accomplish one small specific action item every day.

Create a free bonus + opt-in page for your book

One of the best things you can do is create a free bonus and get people to sign up for your email reader list. Learn how to do that here.

Create emails for when people sign up for your free gift

Learn how to create an email to deliver your free gift/chapter to build your list.

Create a compelling book title

Your book title means everything. Here are some tips to help you make it all it can be.

Create an amazing book cover

Your book cover is the #1 thing people see first. It had better be amazing!

Format your book correctly

If done wrong, you can look unprofessional. Learn how to format your book to look like a pro.

Upload your book to multiple locations

There are more places to upload your book than just Amazon. Find out about all the choices.

Create an author central account and claim your book

Every author should have an Amazon Author Central account.

Get at least 5 reviews using the AMC Reviewer Grabber tool

Reviews are the lifeblood of your book success. Find out how to get more high-quality reviews.

List your book on Goodreads

Not using Goodreads yet? Why not? Here's a quick tutorial.

Host a goodreads giveaway

Giveaways on Goodreads work if done right. Learn how.

Create a Facebook fan page

Find out the best way to create a page on Facebook for your book success.

Create a Twitter account for your book

A quick tutorial on setting up a Twitter account for your book.

Reach out to bloggers

Bloggers reach millions of people. Use them to spread the word.

Create a print copy of your book

It's not all about digital books.

Get a website or blog for your book

Every author should have a website or blog about their books.

Promote your book using AMC widgets on your blog

Look professional by using AMC blog widgets. Pretty fancy!

Enroll in KDP Select, or not?

The age old question: Should I put my books in KDP Select or not?

Promote book free days

Your book is free, now what?

Join FB groups to help promote your book

Can FB groups help you spread the word?

Write a fabulous selling book description

Your description is where you hook the reader.

Called local media and pitched your book for shows

Go the extra mile to get the word out.

Order print-on-demand books

Get hard copies to sell on your own at events or send to reviewers.

Created business cards with your book link and promo offer

A neat idea for trade-shows and speaking events.

Used AMC description generator

Did you enhance your description yet? Make it stand out!

Created a launch giveaway for multiple purchases

Launch your book like a pro!

Get Instant Access To All Tools & Training

"I love the hi-tech tools I recently received when I became an Author Marketing Club Premium Member. The reviewer grabber is fantastic and the main reason I joined. I just got started I am already in contact with reviewers who are reading my book! I can't wait to try all the other fun stuff AMC has to offer. Thanks!"

Robin Fuson, author of Rosita Valdez and the Giant Sea Turtle

Access All Previous Author Marketing Live! Video Presentations

Watch recorded presentations from our online virtual event where you'll learn from top-rated publishing experts about things like:

How About Some Book Promotion? We'll Help You Get The Word Out!

Get Featured Instantly With Our New Member Book Announcement

The instant you become a member you can submit you book to us and we'll feature it on our blog and our social media channels.

Get Buzzing With Our Twitter Buzz Team

AMC Buzz is a network of other authors who want to work together to promote each others book. Tell us about your book and we'll send it to everyone else and they'll tweet about you, and you tweet about them!

Want To Reach Thousands Of Potential Reviewers Quickly?

All Premium Members now receive a listing in our Happy Book Reviews email to reviewers. Your book will be emailed to reviewers who are interested in reviewing books in your genre.

"There are too few websites out there whose MISSION is ultimately helping authors. Being an Author Marketing Club Premium member is a no-brainer for an author. AMCP works daily on new ideas to help promote authors, and that's what it's all about!"

Rob Guthrie, author of INK: Eight Rules To A Better Book


All yearly, and lifetime, members of AMC get to choose from one of a few thousand beautiful pre-made book cover designs. Maybe you want to upgrade your current cover, or you don't have a cover already, don't worry, we've got you "covered." :)

Get Instant Access To All Tools & Training

Answers to frequently asked questions...

I am a new author, will this membership help me?

We built this for you, the author who is struggling to figure out how to have a chance at making a successful book. Our tools are designed for people who have ZERO experience with self-publishing or website development. Our training is specifically created to help you learn what you don't know and how successful authors do it.

Will you help me sell more books?

We're sure going to try! Look, every author has a chance at massive success, IF they prepare for it first. We're going to give you the tools and training you need to create a successful book selling campaign. Then we're going to show you how successful authors do it so you can learn and practice those same techniques.

Is AMC free still available?

Yes, our core tools and training inside AMC free will always be free.

How many books can I promote with my membership?

It doesn't matter if you have one book, or 20 books, or are still writing your book. Our tools and training are accessible for you to use on an unlimited basis.

I'm a publisher, can I use the membership for my clients?

Absolutely you can. Feel free to use any of our tools for your client's books as much as you want.

What if I'm unhappy? Can I get my money back?

Not a problem. We will return your money, no questions asked, within 7-days of joining. That's plenty enough time to get a feel for what it's like to be a member.

"The extremely affordable $105 AMC Premium membership has paid for itself many times over already and is one of the smartest investments an author can make in marketing to sell more books. The Review Grabber Tool and tips to optimize my Amazon page took my book to a whole new level."

Kirt Manecke, award winning author, Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service