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Literature & Fiction

By: Renan Delgado
A thunder announced the arrival of the stranger in the famous tavern of Don the Diplomat. With him was a map and a promise: a huge treasure hidden on the top of a mountain.
Then a treasure hunt begins. In one side: a skeptical hunter, a naïve lumberman, a drunken militiaman, a shy cartographer, and an arrogant pirate, form an intrepid entourage. On the other: an astute couple of thieves in search of something beyond the treasure.

Religion & Spirituality

By: Wendell Mettey
During his years pastoring an inner-city church, Wendell Mettey discovered that God uses even the most blemished vessels to bring beauty into the world. In On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow?, Pastor Mettey shares the humorous and touching stories of his diverse congregation- ordinary people whose lives were infused with an awareness of God’s real and abundant grace.

Humor & Entertainment

By: David Belisle
Ronald Greenwood is the policy adviser for Canada’s Galvanized Anew Party (GAP) The party’s budget is on par with Prime Minister Jean-Claude Kruster-LeClune’s yearly supply of monogrammed golf balls. The latest poll is of course the Holy Grail on Parliament Hill. Greenwood sees his opportunity … the grand opening of a new All-Mart store in Orleans. The U.S. president will even be on hand. There’s just one problem. The GAP hasn’t been invited.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: David Calder
The Children of the Nakba is an engrossing account of a terrorist act in the 1970s that is still relevant to events happening today throughout the world.

Abu Jihad, head of the Palestinian terrorist organization Fatah, and chief instigator of the Civil War raging in Lebanon, has serious problems. He’s on the brink of exposure in an affair with one of his female Lieutenants-a mistake sure to outrage the conservative Middle East leaders backing him. He’s terrified it w

By: Willow Rose
Crazy deal from the Queen of Scream Willow Rose! Get the first two books in the bestselling Jack Ryder Mystery series for FREE! The books have more than 150 raving five-star reviews on Amazon!
By: Stephen F. Kelly
‘Tense and intriguing – Kelly knows how to tell a great story.’ Lee Child

A fanatical train and toy collector, Alec Walton is a man with many dark secrets.

From wartime service at Bletchley Park to inventing eavesdropping devices in the Cold War, his life has been a constant mystery to all who know him. Only his niece Elizabeth seems to understand his obsessions.

But then a chance meeting with a journalist from his Bletchley Park

By: T. R. Lester
When a female body is discovered in the local park, Grace Chandler, a Paranormal Activity Specialist in Tupelo, Mississippi, is thrust into a nightmare.
Under pressure from her acting director to find the killer and a few missing agents from her department, she races against time to find the monster before he can find his next victim.
Will she be able to stop him in time, or will the secrets that are revealed tear her apart?
By: Ben Follows
Eleven years ago, Marcus’s wife was murdered and his daughter kidnapped. Since that fateful night, he’s descended into a life built on life and deceit in the dogged pursuit of finding his daughter. In that small town of Harper’s Mill, he finds her, but nothing could ever prepare him for the truth.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
Twenty minutes is not very long .So can you cook a great meal in only 20 minutes? Well yes you can. And this is just the book you need to show you how to do it. When you need an awesome and different meal or just surprise your family with something special. All you need are easy, no fuss recipes. Breakfast you can buzz in a blender you can prepare and pack in next to no time., and suppers that raise your spirit without sapping all your energy, you may have had a long hard day. You need food that
By: June Kessler
Picture-perfect delicious pies make any day special. And with these delicious recipes, pie making is easier then ever before! Serve up a hot main dish pie for a simple savory supper. Or, choose from a dazzling array of dessert and special occasion pies-baked, chilled, frozen, fruit or holiday ”” in every popular flavor and may be you will find some new ones, from Luscious Apple to refreshing lemon, rich chocolate to crunchy pecan freeze or even a savory dinner pie. Make any day special with Bakin


By: Hina Siddiqui
All of us often dream of a life where all good things fall into our life effortlessly, we get all the opportunities at work and move far ahead in our careers, have the freedom and time to pursue our passions enjoying each moment in life, be spiritual and yet have a healthy relationship with money, consistently live fantastically passionate and blissful relationships and remain always in the pink of health. If you are one of those who want to make this a reality, this book is just for you.

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Camera shake and blurry action are the fastest easiest ways to destroy photos!

Read “Master Photo Shutter Speed” and discover how to avoid camera shake AND the three primary ways to use shutter speed to show creativity and movement!

You’ll instantly know which method is best for YOUR photo!

By: Stephen Jorgensen
This Adult coloring book has wonderful vintage illustrated images for you to color. In the past, (late 1800’s and early 1900’s) pen and ink and woodcut illustration reached reached it’s peak in creativity and simple design elegance.

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