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Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
Enjoy successful baking and share the fun with your children. Kids love to help shape rolls with yeast dough. And bake and decorate cookies and cakes In this book is a collection of our favorite recipes; many can be frozen for a later date. The following delicious recipes will be found in this book.

Children’s Books

By: Jehoshaphat Shalom
Deep Under the School, a Metal Door waits decades to open and start the Adventure. Principal Donnolay is lured from his office, on a quest to recover stolen school property. Along with Benny, a dim, rodent-loving seventh grader, he ventures down into the ancient domains of the building. Their journey leads them into darkness, through a Prankster’s traps, and straight towards a timeless secret.
By: Adam Archer
A peaceful galaxy changes forever when five friends open a doorway to an ancient New England graveyard.

Will the vengeful beings they set free destroy the children and everything they know? Will courage, ingenuity, and friendship stand a chance against hatred and supernatural powers?

Probably not””but find out for sure in The Hoodoo Nic Naks!

The first in a three book series for middle readers.
140 pages with more than 70 illustrations.

Literature & Fiction

By: Colin Dodds
It’s a hell of an assignment: Five months on a New Mexico desert compound to cover the next Jonestown. For one reporter, it could be a career-maker. But when a cult member close to him kills herself, he decides to run for it, and begins a dark and comic journey through sex, drugs, cults, suicide, the end of the world, and what comes after it.

From the author of the widely acclaimed novels Another Broken Wizard and What Smiled at Him comes The Last Bad Job-a book the

By: Stephen Keck
The family known as Larry, Katelyn, and Chris Graves get in one hell of a pickle. While on vacation at Solomon Beach, the body that the family of three rolls over eventually comes back to haunt them while they are on their vacation at a flea bag motel. Once the demonic presence of Grant Solomon knows who ran over his casket while he was inside it, he knew what he must do. He must give the Graves’s one hell of a good time during their vacation by getting even with them for what they did.
By: Stephen Keck
Full Count is about a man named Andrew Davidson who overcomes tragedy as he attempts to become a part of the Westmoreland Wildcats, his home Semi-Pro Baseball League team. With the help of his wife Cassidy and his son Henry, he doesn’t think he will be where he is at right now. While fighting some hardships in his life, he goes from being suicidal to on top of the world in a matter of one season. Andrew realizes what truly matters in life throughout his journey by taking nothing for granted.
By: Stephen Keck
Trevor Van Pelt, along with his girlfriend Karen Dickson, and his friends John Crenshaw and Suzy Moore all go to the beach for beach week. Then, Trevor has a premonition of a tsunami that washes away and kills everyone who was on that beach. He manages to save a bunch of people from their pending doom. Later, everyone who was in Trevor’s premonition start to die off one by one in the order they would have died in his premonition. Death then comes back for the survivors.


By: S M Mala
His life has gone off the boil”¦ in more ways than one. Now clean of bad influences, Kit concentrates on being a good father. But things are about to take a strange turn when he finds himself embroiled in a kidnap plan. And no-one is telling him which one is ”˜the target’ so it’s a case of elimination. Could it be the beautiful Ingrid? The sexually frustrated Angela? Or the fruitcake Sasha? An unconventional bitter sweet, romantic comedy about trusting and loving once again.
By: Christine John
Barry Briggs is a man on a mission to accomplish three things: break up with Sheila, get back together with his ex-wife, and win the lottery. But his life spirals out of control when he discovers that Sheila is pregnant and a dangerous man from Sheila’s past threatens to destroy them all. Barry only has one life and one last chance to make things right, but will it be too late? Click on the buy button to find out!

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Inger Wolf
Thrilling Scandinavian mystery
From an international best-selling author
Anchorage, Alaska: A prominent Danish volcano scientist, Asger Vad and his wife and son, are found shot on the outskirts of the city.

The killer has placed the victims around a table on which there is a doll house with four small dolls and a pile of volcano ashes. However, one person is missing at the table.

The Family’s 11-year-old daughter has disappeared f

Biographies & Memoirs

By: John Fahey
Born illegitimate in north east England in 1944, John Fahey was sent to his father’s parents in western Ireland. John’s parents later married and brought back to England when he was nine, he was continually beaten and battered by his father, who called him a bastard, throughout his teenage years.

Surviving on his memories of Ireland, his trust in his Catholic faith, the help of kind people and relatives, and his love of chemistry, John went through major crises, feel

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Here we discuss soft light, how to create it, work with it, and modify it.

Most used in photo studios, it CAN be used by beginning amateurs in the field too! Newbie or pro, no photographer should miss this important topic.

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