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By: David Morales
In this book, you will discover what emotional intelligence is and how to build your emotional intelligence so that you stop following where your emotions lead you to. Instead, you will be the one in charge of your emotions such that you react in whichever way you want effortlessly.

Children’s Books

By: Sergio Balym
What do you know about the phone that is always at your fingertips? What secrets can he hide? And what about the animals that live in the neighboring forest?

Our main reporter Larry was playing with her friends in the forest, lost her phone. And was very sad, but after a while her friends helped find her phone. They were very ugly when they discovered strange photos made by little animals that lived in the forest …


By: Tracy Tegan
Sometimes you need a second chance to make a good first impression. When Rylin Mathews meets Philip for the first time their date ends in disaster. A year later, however, they are reunited and that’s when everything changes and Rylin learns that some relationships make romance worth the wait.
By: Lily Cahill
For never was there a story with more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo … Will Romero, scion of his bear shifter clan, has returned to Verona to take over the Romero business … and to continue the centuries-long feud raging between the Romeros and Carpathians. But when Will sneaks into a forbidden Carpathian masked ball, he collides with Jules Carpathian, and his life is changed in an instant. The only daughter of the Carpathian clan chief, Jules is Will’s sworn enemy. But she’

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Creating and manipulating light is what photography is all about! “Shazaam! Effectively Using Photo Reflectors And Photo Filters!” explains everything you need to know to create and modify light using low cost reflectors and filters. There’s no need to pay for expensive lighting equipment!
By: Paul Russell Parker III
A man with a dark past and deadly secret moves to paradise and finds the love of his life. They are targeted by a crime gang, and things turn deadly.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Five Mystery Novellas
By: Tower Lowe
This book contains short novellas 1-5 that start the Cinnamon Burro New Mexico Mysteries. Beaten to death by his teacher, a young native boy is found by the side of the road in Dulce, New Mexico. Cinnamon, an investigator, joins her pal Burro to face down the school and the teachers and solve the first crime in this mystery series. Cinnamon also collects the first clues to the lost Momma, who abandoned her in childhood. Cinnamon pursues the next four New Mexico mysteries with one eye on the crim
Part of the Crime After Time Collection
By: Anne McAneny
From the Amazon Bestselling “Crime After Time” Collection: The critics are coming unraveled over the tale of a jaded bartender who returns home to unmask the lies that convicted her father of murder. Join Allison as she tears away the fabric of her sweet hometown to expose its rotten core, revealing neighbors and friends for who they really are. “A terrific combination of sass and mystery!”
By: Milo James Fowler
In a city where the cops are on a mobster’s payroll, private investigator Charlie Madison stands in the gap. When a wealthy young socialite asks him to help her catch a threatening stalker, he takes the case. But things aren’t what they seem, and Madison has to act fast before he’s framed for murder.
By: Willow Rose
New series from the Amazon Bestselling author Willow Rose.

Ben is supposed to be in school. It’s Monday morning but his parents are still asleep after a night of heavy drinking. Ben Waits patiently, even though he knows he is missing out on today’s field trip to the zoo. But, when his black Labrador suddenly runs upstairs and comes down with a finger in his mouth, Ben knows he’s not making it to school today at all.

Detective Jack Ryder is chaperon

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