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Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Yusuf R Shaik
Earth, 2293. Boy genius Jason King has been sentenced to life aboard the giant prison ship, Equinox, to be frozen in a state of suspended animation, a fate considered worse than death.

To his horror, Jason wakes up in his containment cell immobilized, disorientated, but fully conscious.

He soon discovers that he has unique abilities which allow him to escape captivity, sparking a race to build the world’s first faster than light drive on board the Equinox and flee the solar system.

The rise of Jason
By: Yusuf R Shaik
It’s been six years since their arrival on Carac, in the Alpha Centauri star system. Wielding superior Earth technology and his special abilities, Jason King transforms the once medieval and backward planet into a force to be reckoned with, improving the lives of everyone and winning the favour of King Wilbur, but the ambitious Jason has an agenda of his own and has his sights set on the throne.

Meanwhile, a powerful enemy is out to capture Jason, dead or alive.

The return to Earth
By: Yusuf R Shaik
Jason King has been dealt a severe blow with the destruction of the Equinox and the death of the woman he loved. He must now choose to accept defeat or rise above his circumstances, with revenge on his mind.

Meanwhile, the urge to return home, to Oceanview, his hometown, simply can’t be ignored any longer.

Book One of the Galman Tader Trilogy
By: L.B.Speller
The science station Tenjin is pulled into the first man-made wormhole, but what appears an instant later, half way across the galaxy-spanning Human Jurisdiction, had experienced ten thousand years outside of time and space. As the Tenjin declares war on Humanity, it soon becomes obvious nothing aboard the unrecognisable station had been human for millennia.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

City Retiree Action Patrol
By: Robert Thornhill
Sixty-five year old Walter Williams always dreamed of being a hero.
In Lady Justice Takes a C.R.A.P., follow Walt’s incredible journey from retired realtor to head of the City Retiree Action Patrol.
In this action-packed hilarious adventure, Walt and his band of scrappy seniors give Lady Justice a hand by capturing the ‘Realtor Rapist’ and bringing down the ‘Russian Mob’.
By: zach abrams
One man, five lives.
Loving husband and father. Beloved youngest son. Successful corporate banker. Millionaire author and pornography publisher. Part-time lover of a beautiful musician.
Relying on his Blackberry to keep his personae separate, Benjamin’s life is perfect. But what if holes begin to appear in the divisions? When a series of events throws his life into chaos, the separate worlds collide with explosive consequences.

Health, Fitness & Dieting

34 Advanced Techniques to Make Her Come
By: Emma Leblanc
If you want to master cunnilingus you can practice trial and error, or you can try out these advanced techniques that have been proven to make her come harder than she even knew was possible. This collection of 34 instructions also comes with in-depth advice on reading her signals and adjusting how you perform each technique to help you adapt to her unique pleasure style. Women recognize that a man who gives good head is one to hold on to: become a cunnilingus master with these 34 techniques.

Arts & Photography

By: Stephen Jorgensen
This book is a coloring book for adults. It is more complicated than a child’s coloring book with smaller and finer details. You have to concentrate to color in all the small shapes. That makes it an ideal method to clear your mind of many negative thoughts and it helps you relieve stress. Coloring will reduce anxiety, and help you focus and will bring you more mindfulness. It is therapeutic. It has 26 wonderful Hawaiian images to color.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
This mini book describes what I consider to be the best way with pasta, the Italian way. Simply no one can cook pasta like the Italians. The recipes in this book the result of my life time of experimenting with food the Italian way or my own innovations. With some classic dishes, interpreted in my own way, all recipes are based on the classic Italian approach, my goal is to tempt my readers with delicious recipes, and show you how to cook pasta properly so that even the most simple dish, prepare

Biographies & Memoirs

Faith, Family, Farm and Fitness
By: Charles Wooldridge Hatcher
Farm Strong depicts the poignant 400-year story of the Hatcher family, starting with their immigration to America in 1635 through their present-day life ambitiously running a regionally well-known dairy farm. This deeply personal narrative, told by Charles Wooldridge Hatcher, weaves faith, family, perseverance with a distinctly Southern flavor.


By: S M Mala
Maya wants a baby but at forty two there’s one problem”¦ she hasn’t got a man to help her get pregnant. And as she tries to find a man to help her with this small task, other than the sperm donation clinic, there are two people who could deliver the goods but the pair aren’t your usual run of the mill suitors. A heart wrenching story dedicated to all women who have loved and lost in the battle to become pregnant when they’re ”˜Pushing over 40’”¦ or not.
room for a small one
By: Lily Wells
Jessica and Edward have bought the Cotswold tea room from her mum. With their first baby due in less than a month Jessica is keen to make it their own and decides to offer a range of Artisan breads. With no experience of baking and little time to practise her first attempt does not go well.

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