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Literature & Fiction

By: Ken Montrose
Home Groupies II is a ”˜thought for the day’ book in the form of a novella. Excerpt:

Living in a cat house
At three in the morning a paw to the eye, a tiny head butt, and a loud meow awakened me. I muttered something I wouldn’t want my kids to repeat. After I scratched his ears, our cat curled up next to me and went to sleep, apparently drifting off in mid-purr.

I will not always be in sync with those I love,
but today I will remember a little attention goes a long way.

By: Ken Montrose
Home Groupies III uses the ”˜thought for the day’ format to tell the story of people in recovery. The daily messages range from the mundane to the sublime:
“Today I will remember: someone whispering what I want to hear can drown out several people shouting the truth.”
“Today I will be grateful as I remember the old adage: Wasted not, wanted not.” (Regarding drinking, driving, & the police.)
By: Darren Francis
I was born to epiphanise. Soared heaven blue and drank deep of life. Alcoholism was never meant to be an option. But when my best friend Ridley died, my boozing was already insane. Drink myself to death, or save the world? Tough one.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Blaze Eastwood
Blaine and Monica go cruising on a motor boat. After getting lost in the fog, they stumble upon an island that they decide to investigate, purely for adventurous reasons.
They make quite a few strange discoveries, and the more they discover, the more they realize that they are in terrible danger.
By: Travis Knoll
Learn how Silicon Valley started raising capital. In this book you will see our character Rick transform into a Saintly figure by God and attempt to take his rightful position at the head of God’s drug smuggling table, and try and reconnect with his past.

What will we see now…

Rick loses his father, and God that uses the Catholic Church to smuggle drugs offers him a job.

He must choose to live the life he used to know or become

By: Sonya Bateman
Gabriel Morgan is about to enter the ruthless world of the Organization — knowing once he’s in, there is no way out. But he’ll do anything to save his innocent sister. Even if he has to become someone else. Someone darker.

In the ring, he is Angel. And he does not lose. Because the price for losing is his sister’s life.

By: Tomi Farrell
A mind-bending mystery that takes you on a thrilling journey””with a dash of humor!


By: S M Mala
Sylvie works in on e-commerce website selling adult toys. Her world is turned upside down when the owner’s stepson decides to close the place down. Both poles apart and each hiding their own emotional turmoil, is this the only place where they can get their good vibration. A sexy and funny story about finding love in the most unexpected place.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Sean Henderson
When menacing dark-suited men turn up looking for them, Daniel and best friend Cameron know they’re in deep trouble. Their illicit online activities have finally caught up with them ””though it was how their team played a computer game that got them watched by the military.
The choice is between jail or a top secret project to pilot and develop combat droids.
It might seem an easy decision, but Daniel and his friends are going to be the only thing standing in the way when all hell breaks loose.


Early Recovery For Agnostics and Atheists
By: Ken Montrose
Many people who try Twelve Step programs struggle with the spiritual aspects of recovery. This fourteen page workbook assures them they can believe in whomever or whatever they want and stay in recovery. On the other hand, this workbook challenges them to ask why they believe or disbelieve as they do. Choosing a Higher Purpose offers guidance for finding a purpose that includes other people and strengthens recovery.
Starting Recovery Young
By: Ken Montrose
This workbook addresses questions frequently asked by young people new to recovery: What will I do? Who will I spend time with? How will I get through life without drugs? Why are drugs so hard to quit? The text underscores how the resilience of youth is eventually overwhelmed by the progressive nature of addiction. Contains a parable about burning down houses infested with singing rats.

Business & Investing

By: Christine John
Are you a new nonfiction author? Are you struggling to sell your nonfiction book? Do you want to find simple book promotion techniques that you can use immediately? Then this is the book for you! In “How to Make Money Promoting and Selling a Nonfiction Book” you will learn fourteen simple and effective strategies to boost sales of your nonfiction book. So if you want to know more about how you can successfully promote and sell your nonfiction book, click on the Buy button now!
By: Daniel Ndukwu
What would you do with access to 350 million people eager to hear what you have to say?

What would happen if you could write an answer then get featured in top industry publications, picked up by news sites, and be syndicated across the web?

Here’s a secret: The top Quora writers do it on a daily basis.
When you’re done, you’ll know how to:
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