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Education & Reference

By: Bryan Tan
Looking for a path to faster, smarter, studying so you can achieve straight A’s for ALL of your tests? In this book, you’ll learn several game-changing studying tips that will allow you to improve your grades in your NEXT test. You’ll also get my best tips to guarantee your grades are improving, avoids the most common mistakes students make, and makes an impact on your results!

Arts & Photography

By: Wendy Cartmell
Dead soldiers. Dead children. Different locations. What do they have in common?
When a soldier is found to have killed his family in a brutal attack, Sgt Major Crane and his team are called in. As more vengeful killings come to light, Crane is convinced there is a serial killer at work, but no ordinary one. He must uncover the connections between them in this riveting and gritty mystery, before any more innocents are murdered.
By: Kerry Hugh Dillon
This fictional novel is a 2017 re-edited and revised edition of The Tribe of Tane. It follows the lives of two men and their young protégé as their ship sails out into unknown waters on a voyage of discovery and adventure, and in the process they also begin to discover more about themselves, as they become increasingly exposed to growing sexual tensions and violent encounters.
By: Brona Mills
In this romance/modern-time-travel dilemma, life and relationship choices are in central focus. Does knowing the future mean fate can be changed? What are the rules? What are the possibilities? What could tampering with destiny change? What would you risk to save the woman you loved, if the stakes were literally everything? Don’t miss out on this exciting debut novel that will leave you in love, even after you close the pages.

Religion & Spirituality

By: Lynn Landes
How do you maintain your faith when everyone you love and everything you know is ripped away from you? Elina is only twelve when the dark angel attacks her village and slaughters her family. She carried his image in her heart waiting for the day when she will be able to avenge those she lost.
Forged in the fire of death and trained by the Archangels, Elina is given a task by Heaven. She must choose to follow her faith or avenge her family. Join her on her epic journey.

Children’s Books

By: Kara Atwell
A cute, heartwarming children’s book about fulfilling the big dreams of a small mouse.

The mice have run out of food. They are hungry and don’t know what to do. What is a little mouse going to do when his friends and family need him? Their lives are on the line! Baker follows his huge dreams to try and save the day.

Comics & Graphic Novels

By: Ron Glick
Covering everything from the Golden Age’s first masked superheroine to the modern era’s New 52, this series continues to set forth the incredible and near infinite history of the comic book medium.


By: Heather Huffman
For years, Karise McAlister has been running: from her family, from herself, and from her dreams. She has a successful career and a promising engagement, but when she meets the compelling and creative Aidan Donnelly, his down-to-earth charm provides the wake-up call Karise badly needs. Moving cross-country to start over, Karise devotes herself to her work, convinced she needs to be independent. But with handsome Aidan just down the road and a mischievous group of friends determined to set her up

Business & Investing

The 5 Fastest Steps to Turning Your Lunch Break Into Your Most Profitable Hour of the Day
By: Bridgett Renay
The Underground Railroad for the Cubicle Slave is about to leave the station. Jump on board if you’re ready to discover how to use your conventional 9-5 as the dominant investment tool in yourself that it was meant to be.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Ron Glick
The Wizard’s journey to Wonderland has exposed a shared history between that faery land and Oz – but the meaning behind the connection is still largely a mystery. Dorothy and Alice have come together to save Wonderland, but can they do anything before the Wicked Witches succeed in taking over Oz?
By: Ron Glick
The threat raised by Tarinel’s Song has passed, but the prophecy is still unfinished. Once more, the unlikely heroes of the Eastern Realms are pulled into the path of destiny woven by this centuries’ old divination.
By: Ron Glick
The latest sword has awoken, but it is unlike any of the others that have come before. Three is not a sword that controls perception or elemental power, but instead gives its wielder mastery over time itself…

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Willow Rose

Emma Frost inherits a house on Fanoe Island when her grandmother dies. She decides to move there with her family, much to her teenage-daughter’s regret.

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