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Literature & Fiction

By: Judy Betterton
Billy Charbonneau, a young homeless man, flees Seattle for the rugged Cascade Mountains. He’s stranded with Walt and Eleanor, a conflictual yuppie couple trying to rekindle their relationship. These three must share resources and work together to survive–or perish–challenged by a serious injury, an early snowfall, and an emerging love triangle. Are the ghostly bagpipes in the night leading them to safety–or deeper peril? Does the enigmatic woman in Billy’s dreams hold the key to his future?


By: David A. Hunter
Would you like to learn how to build confidence?

Confidence can allow you to pursue your dreams and goals without worrying about whether or not you are on the right path.Since confident people know that they can handle whatever comes their way, they aren’t discouraged by setbacks.

You will need to believe in your abilities if you wish to become confident. This book can help you realize that you have tremendous capabilities.

By: Chloe Evans
Stop procrastination before it stops you! Procrastination can become an insidious habit that stops you from leading a more fulfilling life…
By: Russell Strong
Being an efficient leader goes beyond being a principled and a no-nonsense team leader. Certain qualities make you a leader that everyone loves to work with; one of these qualities is your level of intelligence.

Your level of intelligence plays a very vital role in determining how good a leader you can be; however, intelligence is not the only, or the most important trait you need to have in order to succeed as a leader. Every effective leader became so due to his/her emotional quotient level.

A 2-Step Formula To Ensure You Reach Your Next Success Goals
By: Darin Scott
This book is condensed from years of trying to find answers to the tough question of why some people succeed easily where others fail. I have condensed the wisdom garnered from reading lots of books on the subject of success, goal setting, and self motivation into a 2 step formula for reaching your goals in life.


By: Kelli Roberts
Sometimes things just don’t work out like you thought they would. Guess that’s why they say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is something Alison can relate to. Just 24 hours ago she thought her life was perfect and now everything has changed.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Willow Rose
When a couple’s bodies are found by their next-door neighbor, Emma Frost, a series of strange things start to happen on the small Danish island. More people are killed, and soon, Emma is chasing a serial-killer about whom she only knows one thing. He’s obsessed with The Wizard of Oz.
By: Nick Kolakowski
SOMEBODY’S TRYING TO KILL ME features seventeen adrenaline-charged noir thrillers, including the titular novella. Some of these dark tales have been published in Thuglit, Shotgun Honey, Crime Syndicate, and other crime-fiction magazines; more are all new; and every single one of them is guaranteed to keep you turning pages until dawn.
By: James Shava
Sugargirl Rust lost her family in a car accident and has just discovered that the culprit is now walking free. Young Timothy Bacher’s dad starts having an affair with Timothy’s dream girl. Timothy is devastated and leaves home. He meets Rufus and they try and get Sugargirl Rust elected Mayor and put things straight. Rufus’ methods are unorthodox. He is here to turn your bathroom into a restroom for the swamp!


By: Lianna Spurrier
Two strangers.
One car.
Countless secrets.

Margarita’s life was spiraling out of control, so she did what any sensible 21 year old woman would do – drove off in the middle of the night with nothing but her car and enough money for a plate of waffles. What she didn’t expect was for a stranger called Mitta to show up armed with cash and offer to run away with her.

But does Margarita really want this girl sitting in her passenger seat?

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Philip Carroll
After a battle with a small coven of vampires at the homecoming dance, Chuck McWilliams is confident and prepared to use his newly found magical powers.

However, Kelsey Llewellyn, Chuck’s date from the dance and an undercover elfin vampire hunter, has disappeared back to faerie. The vampires marked her as their next acolyte and sapped her elfin defenses. Returning to the village of her birth she is protected while the elfin elders work to restore her powers.

By: Rock Forsberg
Tredd Bounty, a Dawn Alliance Navy reject turned bounty hunter, is given the chance to take on a dangerous mission to find and capture the mysterious Starcrasher device, rumoured to have the power to move the stars themselves. Join Tredd and his motley crew on a journey through a galaxy of magic, tech, and wonder.

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