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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

It’s Always Darkest Just Before the End
By: Anthony Land
You’re an over-the-hill ex-professor of English turned private investigator. A beautiful and rich young woman bursts into your low-rent New Orleans office, announcing that she has just escaped from kidnappers.
Within 24 hours you and your client are in Miami, with an ex-Mossad agent ”” the most violent woman you’ve ever met ”” guiding you through a tangle of lies, greed and deadly peril surrounding something called White Stone.
You’re out of your depth and your guide may be out of her mind.
By: D.W. Ulsterman
Mac Walker’s Rules of Engagement:


Former Navy SEAL sniper and government gun for hire Mac Walker finds himself in an uneasy alliance with the beautiful and mysterious Vatican operative Stasia Wellington as they struggle to save the plane’s passengers and defeat the terrorists and their plot to kill tens of thousands. Mac Walker’s 40,000 Feet is the first volume in the highly popular Mac Walker military thrillers seri


By: David Morales
In this book, you will discover what emotional intelligence is and how to build your emotional intelligence so that you stop following where your emotions lead you to. Instead, you will be the one in charge of your emotions such that you react in whichever way you want effortlessly.
By: David Winter
Do you find yourself…

Battling issues with self-confidence

Feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts

Struggling with negative self-talk

Lacking motivation and determination

Struggling with anxiety about your daily tasks

Failing to achieve your personal goals

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, DON’T FEEL BAD. You aren’t’ alone, and it’


By: Tracy Tegan
Sometimes you need a second chance to make a good first impression. When Rylin Mathews meets Philip for the first time their date ends in disaster. A year later, however, they are reunited and that’s when everything changes and Rylin learns that some relationships make romance worth the wait.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Rachael H. Dixon
The Sunray Bay Trilogy is paranormal fantasy set in a wonderfully crazy world of vampires, werewolves & zombies! ”¦oh and a sarcastic, talking dog.
By: Lela Markham
A healer must mend a fractured kingdom and bring two enemy races together before a greater enemy destroys them both.

Fate took Prince Maryn by surprise, leaving Celdrya to tear itself apart. With an army amassing against the warring remains of the kingdom, prophesy sends a half-elven healer on a journey to find the nameless True King. Compelled by forces greater than himself, Padraig contends with dark mages, Celtic goddesses, human factions and the ancient animosities of both his peoples.

Literature & Fiction

Three Short Stories
By: John Reed
This book, the first volume of the Short Story Collection, features the following stories:
– Member of the Board
– No Good Club
– Hell on Earth

The thought-provoking short stories in this anthology delve into the human condition, shedding light on the confines of the mind in a variety of disturbing circumstances. The characters within, whether corrupt and sinister, innocent and frail, or heroic and humble, will keep you hooked and wanting more. And don’t worry””more are coming!

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

A Simple Cookbook & Guide For Busy People To Rapid Weight Loss & Healthy Eating Mastery
By: Lilly Fitt
If уοu hаvе triеd а thοusаnd wауs tο lοsе wеight withοut suссеss, this is уοur bеst timе tο stаrt…with the Mediterranean Diet you will never ever get bored. Lilly Fitt’s quick + simple Mediterranean cookbook & guide is written to make your journey to weight Loss & healthy eating mastery a piece of cake!
By: Anna Taylor
This Cookbook Includes A Wide Variety of Delicious

Ketogenic And Low Carb Bread Resipes!

If you’re on a diet and miss bread, then this book

is for you!
I have compiled my favorite low carb bread recipes

that have earned rave reviews from thousands of

Keto dieters around the world!

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Creating and manipulating light is what photography is all about! “Shazaam! Effectively Using Photo Reflectors And Photo Filters!” explains everything you need to know to create and modify light using low cost reflectors and filters. There’s no need to pay for expensive lighting equipment!

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