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room for a small one
By: Lily Wells
Jessica and Edward have bought the Cotswold tea room from her mum. With their first baby due in less than a month Jessica is keen to make it their own and decides to offer a range of Artisan breads. With no experience of baking and little time to practise her first attempt does not go well.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
This mini book describes what I consider to be the best way with pasta, the Italian way. Simply no one can cook pasta like the Italians. The recipes in this book the result of my life time of experimenting with food the Italian way or my own innovations. With some classic dishes, interpreted in my own way, all recipes are based on the classic Italian approach, my goal is to tempt my readers with delicious recipes, and show you how to cook pasta properly so that even the most simple dish, prepare

Science Fiction & Fantasy

An Innocent World Falls Under Siege
By: Pat Kelley
After a mysterious vessel crashes on a remote, strategic, and highly habitable moon, Sergeant Danika Fargo and Earth Government forces troops are deployed to investigate. Before much information is unraveled, unusual beings and powerful devices force any remaining troops to evacuate the ailing world.
Attempt to solve the reasons behind a mysterious invasion in this science-fiction novel packed with advanced engineering of futuristic sequences and vivid descriptions on the surface of Indigo 99.
By: J. Andrew Gula
After a military discharge, Graham Denyevech must lean on friends and family (which is just as humiliating in the 23rd Century as it is today). In desperate need of change, he accepts a private security job with the type of corporate entity he’s always loathed””a job that quickly vindicates his doubts. When he unearths something that implicates the company in illegal experiments, he must choose: what price will he pay to prove that there is room for morality in the future of human civilization?
By: Shane Carrow
A thrilling Australian zombie apocalypse saga, following twin brothers as they struggle to survive while society slowly collapses around them.

To mark the release of Volume II: The Wasteland, Volume I: Rise of the Undead will be free on Amazon this week.

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Whether you’re a complete novice – or an old pro using the best photo equipment money can buy – when you’re taking pictures of people, EVERY photograph involves posing your subjects! Now you can learn to do them right – and have people saying things like…”WOW! You did that?”

Business & Investing

Learn How to Sell Easily High Demand CLICKBANK Products like a Pro!
By: Ramesh Rathinam
In this book I will show you Behind the Curtain Secrets on How to Model after the Top Affiliates that are Selling High Demand Products and Making a Ton of Money on CLICKBANK and other Online Market Places like JVZOO, Share-a-Sale, WSO and etc., You can start implementing this method in the NEXT FEW Minutes and it is way easier than you think. This Book will certainly give you that Ah-Ha Moment! You will learn exactly how to copy what the top affiliates are doing and generate income online FAST

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