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Literature & Fiction

By: Inge Moore
Set in England, THE STOAT is the story of a young man who joins a karate class for his own reasons. He develops a respect and love for his karate instructor. In the end, he must choose between friendship and personal revenge.

The Stoat placed first in the Fiction Division of an annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition and was published in STORY MAGAZINE. It is now available free for a limited time.


By: David A. Hunter
This book will provide valuable insight. It can act as a guide as you push forward towards your freedom from OCD.

Arts & Photography

Book One of the Allegoricon Parables
By: Jason P Doherty

7 souls face choices that could result in life-changing riches, ruin and realizations. Old-fashioned captivating tales take you into new worlds filled with magical treasures, twists of fate, and sometimes dire consequences. Fans of Pilgrim’s Progress, O. Henry, and C. S. Lewis will love this book.

The Emblems Audiobook is beautifully narrated by professional film and voice actor Thomas W. Ashworth (LA Law, Criminal Minds)

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
Chicken is so healthy and versatile; no wonder we’re eating more chicken than ever before. Chicken can be easy enough for week-day dinner’s and fancy enough for guests. If you need to get a tasty, healthy meal on the table; but just don’t have a lot of spare time, these simple recipes using chicken breasts are great choices. Choose from chicken breasts, tenders or grilled chicken; easy oven fried chicken, basic baked or roasted chicken breasts, or quick skillet recipes.


By: Joann Baker & Patricia Mason
Shy accountant Katie Lenard wanted one special Valentine’s Day before she grew old with a house full of cats. But girls her size didn’t receive flowers and candy. Just once, she wanted someone to see past her less than perfect body to the lonely heart underneath.

She wanted someone to love her.

By: Shel Delisle
Melody and Duncan are best friends who spend every summer vacationing at their families’ lake houses in the Northwoods of Minnesota. Their plan for this summer is to have as much fun in the sun as they can before they head off for their first year of college at the U in the fall.
By: Erin Rose
s a young girl, Erin stumbled upon her mother’s hidden stack of Harlequin books in the corner of the closet used as a bookcase. Sneaking them one-by-one opened up a whole new world of fiction. As her mind grew with her new found wealth, Erin began writing stories of her own. She knew, of course, that these stories would never make it to her school writing classes.

By the time Erin entered college she knew what she wanted to do with her life. She started writing her romantic bits on websites of

An Atypical Love Story””Erotic, Crazy, Romantic, Exotic
By: C. St. Sinclair
Erotic fiction writer, April, leaves her book on the bar. Combustion happens when scientist, Luke, helps himself to an illicit peek. Salt and lusciousness, grit and gorgeousness, a celebration of sexual passion, love, book thievery, hearts unfolding and two places unlike any other on earth: Portland and Vietnam. April and Luke, dance their dance of pursuit and flight and, in the end, who really catches whom?

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: C. Henry Martens
Twenty years ago plagues swept humanity to the brink of extinction.

Two orphans, born after the apocalypse, flee a once safe and nurturing community grown from gathered wanderers now controlled by evil men.

A dark stranger, immersed in regret and dangerous to himself and everyone he meets, confides the secret of why the world is as it is.

Two orphans must survive, and find someone to trust.

By: Sean Henderson
Oren Lockwood spies on his supercorporation’s rivals and is engaged to marry the daughter of their fiercely ambitious CEO. This is the man behind the game-changing Prolepsis engine: software capable of building predictive extrapolations of their brutalised world.
Everyone but Oren thinks he’s on a fixed path to a bright future, but when his obsession with a mysterious AI woman leads him into immense danger, Oren will have to decide if she’s his Nemesis or everything that’s missing from his life.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: F. Stone
Year 2047, City of Samarra, capital of the Republic of Islamic Provinces & Territories

Fifteen American travelers have vanished

Surrendering to a corrupt mayor’s demands, the devout Muslim and police captain becomes the reluctant keeper of his city’s bloody secret – and the witness, Eliza MacKay. Captain Sharif is horrified to discover that if he exposes the cover-up, his family will suffer dire consequences.

By: Adriaan Bos
Advocate of the Truth is a novel about the digital dragon that feeds on our privacy and the serious implications of nanochips registering and managing human behavior. On a more personal level, it is a deeply moving novel about friendship, love and the compassion Francis of Assisi stands for. This fast-paced novel prompts you to reflect on wisdom from the past and ethics for the future. It is an intense struggle between good and evil that hits home in today’s society.
By: Hiti Rangnani
The Spiritual Thriller titled, ‘Lost & Found in Ranthambore’ explores the unbelievable journey of fifteen year-old Frank Huber, who is terribly frightened and lost on a desolate, eerie winter night amidst the wild and dense jungles of Ranthambore in India.
Discover how – under dangerous circumstances, the terrified young boy stumbles upon an unexpected meeting with a Mystic, who causes Frank to question his identity and turns his entire world of people, places, emotions and notions – upside down

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