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A Young Mans Story of Forgiveness
By: London Bridges
All The Wrongs I’ve Done takes a lighthearted look at the lives of four siblings who endured physical, verbal and emotional abuse and hardship at a young age but were able to overcome their circumstances through their strength and love for one another. The story is centered around a series of events that changed the four of them. It is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness.
“The law of the rubber band; In order to be effective, you have to be stretched.”
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to harness the power of morning rituals to change your situations. It will show you the power of habits.
Have you ever heard yourself say, “Ah, I wish I was more disciplined” or “Ah I wish I could wake up in the morning” or “I wish I could be more regular to work/school” or “Wish I could spend more time with friends and family” or “Wish I could lead the kind of

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Paul E. Creasy
For two thousand years, the name of Pontius Pilate has been remembered with vile contempt. Cursed by countless generations for his one fateful decision, this otherwise obscure Roman bureaucrat has been forever damned in the eyes of history. Now, however, a subway construction project under the streets of modern Rome has inadvertently uncovered the archeological find of the millennium.
By: Scarlett Braden
The race for power and control explodes when US Attorney Colleen McAllister puts away a Memphis kingpin. Colleen goes from the front lines, to a kidnapped pawn, dragging her explosive-expert husband into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Turf wars, corruption, gang activity, and confusion fill the streets as everyone is drawn to the vacuum the arrest creates.

Mike Sanse Murder Mysteries book 2
By: Anthony Mugo
When a decapitated body is found Diana Ciuri identifies it as that of her husband who went missing two days ago. Oscar Ciuri happens to be a popular candidate in the oncoming elections.
Senior Detective Cosmas Pai and Senior Detective Mike Sanse fell apart when the latter pointed his gun at the former. Pai transferred to Kathare to distance himself from Sanse. Sanse has since lost his job to become a private investigator in Kathare. He has information that could cost Pai his job.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
Twenty minutes is not very long .So can you cook a great meal in only 20 minutes? Well yes you can. And this is just the book you need to show you how to do it. When you need an awesome and different meal or just surprise your family with something special. All you need are easy, no fuss recipes. Breakfast you can buzz in a blender you can prepare and pack in next to no time., and suppers that raise your sprits without sapping all your energy, you may have had a long hard day. You need food that


By: Cynthia Eden
Don’t miss the heart-pounding prequel novella to bestselling author Cynthia Eden’s new Killer Instinct series.

When untried FBI profiler Samantha Dark is face-to-face with a killer, there’s no room for fear. Her best weapon is her instincts. Those same dark impulses that allow her to get inside the mind of a murderer, to locate victims-or to pull the trigger before she’s next.

Christian Books & Bibles

Understanding the Power of Your Christian Testimony
By: Deidre Havrelock

“They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb AND BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY” (Rev 12:11). The wonderful truth is, if we take the time to grasp the overall story of the Bible, and this includes understanding the immense purpose of testimony, we will become more secure in sharing Jesus often and with greater boldness and love. Be prepared to follow this one subject throughout the Bible.


By: Sugar Lee Ryder
1878: San Francisco’s changed from a Gold-Rush era boomtown into a bustling city full of money, Victorian-style bawdy houses, and a loose sense of the law at best.

Enter Matthew Slade. Formerly the Pinkerton Detective Agency’s best gun-hand, investigator, and tracker. No sooner does he arrive at San Francisco’s stockyard than he rescues Mai Lee, a little Chinese girl, from a pair of thugs intent on kidnapping her.

Children’s Books

By: Clifford James Hayes
Mildred the Easter Bunny is plunged into peril when her flying egg factory is mysteriously sucked into space! With Santa Claus, Clarence the Slug and a host of others on board, she must find a way to get them all back to Earth before a foxy old enemy ruins Easter once and for all!
A Cool Drawing Guide for Older Kids, Teens, Teachers, and Students
By: Rachel Goldstein
Your kids will love learning how to draw cool stuff with the following easy-to-follow step by step illustrations and tutorials. This is the second book by this name, continuing to teach you how to draw cool stuff, letters, and optical illusions. The simple steps in this drawing book will show you and your kids how to draw optical illusions, 3-dimensional letters that pop out of the page, 3d cartooning effects, and cool things that will blow your mind.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Earl E. Hardman
Ian Lotus is a man with a mysterious past – and a secret that could reshape mankind’s destiny. The object of an interplanetary manhunt, Lotus must stay one step ahead of his pursuers, including the military, an invading alien fleet, and an interdimensional being of tremendous power.

Humor & Entertainment

By: Alex Henderson
Size matters. Or at least it does to Ed who’s faked a business trip abroad to get some cheap plastic surgery.
Ed intends to be even more of a man upon his return. But has he managed to keep this as secret as he thinks? Will this really be such a wonderful surprise for Fiona on their wedding night? And just who is this operation for anyway?
Alex Henderson’s outrageous comedy debut shows what it means to be a man with a small problem that just got bigger.
Much bigger!

Literature & Fiction

By: Lynn Daniels
A collection of short poems about the journey to rock bottom and the subsequent challenge of attempting to repair a severely damaged psyche.
Summary & Analysis
By: Book Junkie
Emmy and Peabody Award Winner Ted Koppel offers an investigative insight into the threat of a cyberattack on the United States’ power grid.

Lights Out provides input from national and industry experts, as well as local community members as to our awareness of and preparedness for a uniquely unpredictable form of attack in the Internet age.

This summary serves as an accompaniment to Lights Out and offers insights to help you enjoy and understand this book.

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