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Literature & Fiction

By: Madelon Phillips
Mattie Collins, age eighteen, marries her third husband, a forty-year-old man she mistakenly believes she knows. When his mind-games begin, this spirited young women rises to the challenge. Soon faced with the worst tragedy imaginable, she makes a decision that changes her life forever.

Health, Fitness & Dieting

By: Andrea J. Clark
Forget the old “simple” calorie-in and calorie-out diet ”” there is no need to say no to your favorite food and count calories in every single meal you eat. Whether your dream is losing weight while being able to still eat everything you love, experiencing high energy level with increased mindfulness and willpower, or preventing dreadful diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s, “Plant-based Intermittent Fasting” is your secret to success.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
Delicious Recipes Cookbook Game Day Super Snacks has easy and fun with these easy recipes, you will find recipes for cakes, coffee cakes and quick breads for early games, then move on to a collection of Appetizers such as Mini Cocktail Meat Balls, Coconut-Orange Shrimp, Deviled Eggs to Awesome Fried Pickles, Chicken Wings, Ribs and Turkey legs and Wings, Dips and Salsa and Crock-pot recipes.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: C. Henry Martens
The plague-emptied civilization of the mid twenty-third century bears a striking resemblance to that of the mid 1800’s.

Edge, newly displaced from his future, must regain his position in order to succeed and joins a trading party into the interior of the once great nation and meets a young woman.

Together Edge and Jody bring to light the truth of the past, their ancestor’s defeat at the hands of power, and provide a path to bring back an entity meant to remain forever hidden.

Humor & Entertainment

By: Nitin Tewari
Three Engineers aka losers, torn between their past miscues and topical aspirations, are looking for the purpose of their life in the tranquil backwaters of Kerala when they meet a no-hoper Mutthur Sankunni and his boat. What follows is an unexpected but riveting quest to find an answer to the most fascinating riddles of the modern times – to be or not to be…extraordinary.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A John Fowler Novel
By: David Carner
The Road to Justice is the story of redemption for former FBI agent John Fowler. John must solve a quintuple homicide to have the shot at the one thing he wants in life, to find out who killed his wife.
By: Inge Moore
Scientists investigate a rash of birth defects, trying to uncover the cause. Just when they achieve a breakthrough in their research, the unthinkable happens….

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