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Learn How to Survive In Our Modern Routine
By: German Permyakoff
Sometimes the reality bites and we understand that single alive personn really cares about us and our problems. In the world of the Web, gadgets, and other IT utilites that seem to make our life more convenient we feel lost and deprived. What to do and how to survive in this cruel reality?
The new book of German Permyakoff will give several great solutions!
By: Nima Fard
This personal and motivating guide for battling depression follows one survivor’s intimate journey through the illness while imparting the essential steps readers can take to start feeling better. As the narrative of this first person account unfolds, it compels, educates, and guides readers towards forming the necessary habits for overcoming depression. Its holistic approach uncovers many keys, practices, and secrets that can lead to a healthier and happier life.
By: Amber Rich
Do you want to be successful, but you don’t know how?
What if I told you that you can be successful using just one skill?A skill that allows you to get amazing results and also enjoy life. I’m talking about productivity.
All successful people are very, very productive. They don’t spend time and energy on useless things. Now is the best time to learn how to be more productive and efficient and finally how to be successful.
7 communication techniques and tactics to win small talks
By: Mike Bray
Words. Such a powerful weapon. May be used as a remedy, but as well they can cause enormous harm. In our every day life we meet people and we are having conversations so that it is pretty automatic for us, but what if I tell you that most of the time you are talking to someone, he or she is probably not even listening and not getting the point of what you are saying, it is mostly caused because we are used to use more words than we need to say and they need to hear, so they get easily lost or bo

Education & Reference

By: anthony lucas
For the first time, the elusive concept of love has been laid bare!
The book casts light on the various ever-changing faces of love so that the reader can see their image in the mirror of the literature, scientific discovery, introspection.
Love is so complex that it can easily turn against you if you do not keep tabs on it. You could easily lose what you think you have before you know it. One of the wonders of modern day love relationships is the speed with which love departs and is replaced w

Humor & Entertainment

By: Mon D Rea
History is thrown into absolute chaos when pioneering kidnap-for-ransom terrorist Ukhuna Khan gets hold of a time machine from the future. There’s a pterodactyl with flame throwers, Vikings, Aztec priests, droids, and all sorts of temporally-displaced characters.

Bored out of his mind with the safe zombie life, Arc is about to be swept up on an epic quest the likes of which the Multiverse has never seen.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Delicious and Easy Keto Recipes To Burn Fat and Gain Energy
By: Louise & Jeremy Hendon
Easy-to-use ketogenic diet meal plan designed to make staying keto delicious and simple. Includes all the recipes with carb count and the meal plan is designed to be 20 grams of net carbohydrates or less daily.

Starting a keto diet can be tough if you don’t have a good plan for what to eat. That’s where this 7-day keto meal plan comes in. I’ve done all the calculations, cooking, and planning for you. Now you can relax and enjoy all the benefits of a ketogenic diet stress-free.

Literature & Fiction

By: Richard French
Daniel Morley, a painter, and his wife Sonja, a photographer, look for renewal in both their marriage and their professions. They leave their home in Europe and resettle on a university campus in the American Midwest, where a small pagan cult causes the biggest scandal in the school’s history. As they recover their strength and their spirit, Sonja and Daniel keep on with work that eventually helps the school regain its confidnece and self-esteem.


By: S M Mala
Saturday 9.33pm
The night that changed her life.
Odele thinks she’s dead as something bad has happened.
The night that changed his life.
Davey feels alive as something good has happened.
Four years later and that single moment has left its mark on both of them.
Could love be the key to making them turn around their lives?
Or is the damage far too deep, nothing can ever be resolved?
A love story about moving on and breaking with the past in hope of finding a happier future.
By: Kyra Lane
Rob is a successful lawyer in New York City who has everything a man could ever dream of: wealth, success, good health, and a great reputation. But something is missing. Enter Kate: a young, beautiful, and graceful woman. Married to an older man who took advantage of her and cheated on her, she is going through a divorce and stands to lose everything she has. She hears of Rob’s success and appoints him to help her win the case. It is up to Rob to save Kate from a society that is against her.

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