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By: David A. Hunter
How well you sleep at night can have a lot to do with the kind of lifestyle that you have.

This book will show you the things I have done to not only fall asleep faster, but to experience a better quality of sleep.

By: Dermot Farrell
”¢ If you have been thinking about taking up meditation for years, but just don’t know how to do it, then start reading this book today!
Ӣ If you have been meditating for some time but feel stuck and are not so sure how to move onto the next stage, then take a look at this book now!
Ӣ If you are happy with your meditation practice but would like to try out some new techniques, which you probably have never heard before, then take a look at this book today!

Health, Fitness & Dieting

By: Bill Gallagher
Exercise is one of the fundamental things that you should do to improve, or even just to maintain, your ability to function independently. Without exercise your chances of becoming ill increase, your life expectancy drops and even your mental fitness can be impaired.
But for so many of us the notion of exercise is complicated by many other factors, such as time constraints or motivation. Now, in this new book, written specifically for people who find consistent exercise challenging, you will fin
77 Best Proven Weight Loss Recipes That Work
By: Lisa LeBeuf
Losing weight is hard. Being overweight is hard. Choose your hard. ‘How to Lose Weight by Eating’ is not the one book. It’s eight weight loss books in one:

1) An ultimate weight loss guide for everyone who wants to live a healthy way;
2) A cooking book with the best weight loss recipes;
3) A weight loss motivation book
4) Low Carb cookbook
5) Mediterranean Diet cookbook
6) Paleo Diet cookbook
7) Vegan Diet cookbook
8) Ketogenic Diet cookbook


By: S M Mala
When you’re in need of hot love, both emotionally and physically, your options are limited. It’s a glimmer of hope that could turn it all around, even if it involves falling back into bed with the trickiest bastard of them all, Richard Hayden-Quik, a man with a bad reputation. Lily hopes she can get Richard though life’s sudden shocks, twist and turns have the greatest possibility of making her literally lose everything she loves”¦ all due to the problem of getting Rich Quik.
By: Tipsy Tiffany
When Vicky gets in trouble with the handsome professor Miller she tries to regain his approval by doing an extra assignment for him, but it’s a task that will keep her busy in the library for most of the night.

Literature & Fiction

By: Colin Dodds
One night far from home, a mix of alcohol, recklessness and coincidence reunite childhood friends Lynn and Marv with Caroline, the longtime object of their desires. A few weeks later, Caroline is arrested and charged with murdering her husband and infant son.

The murder pursues the friends through their searches for love, stabs at success and self-destructive lapses, in an unorthodox, contemporary mystery in which the protagonists have the means to solve a mystery. T

By: Jacqueline Cioffa
Bold contemporary fiction, The Vast Landscape shares one woman’s journey filled with doubt, mistrust, fame, and self-discovery. Join Harrison on her quest to find inner peace despite the harrowing obstacles placed in her way. Will she succeed in stripping away her complex armor to unmask the flawed, beautiful, and strong iconoclast kept hidden for so long?

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Crispen Callger
Democracy failed. But something better has risen in its place. One man reigns on Noltos, with no rivals or elections to encumber him. Not knowing whose identity he’ll assume when his term is up, his fairness is beyond reproach. To the masses, this man is known only as the Adjudicator.

Business & Investing

By: Karen Banes
Are you running a freelance business, blog, website or other online business on a shoestring budget?

This short, high-value ebook will point you in the direction of free apps, software and online tools to help with productivity, organization, social media management, content creation, and much more.

12 ways to make money from your writing
By: Adam Jackson
If you want to develop a writing business or are looking to earn some additional income from writing then this book is for you. It lists twelve different ways you can earn money from both fiction and non-fiction and it covers a range of opportunities with paying markets from short stories to writing web content.

Identify those markets that you would like to write for and try some new opportunities that you hadn’t previously considered and you could soon be making money.

Parenting & Relationships

A Military Spouse’s Biblical Guide to Finding Great Friends
By: Carrie Daws
Other military spouses can be one of the biggest stressors in a wife’s life. From gossipers to back-biters to spouse shamers, the problem is reaching epidemic proportions, and many don’t know what to do about it. What if you could find a better way? Instead of attacking the problem-women head on or avoiding all women entirely, what if you could find women worth knowing and cherishing? No matter where you are, God placed around you women of great value, women who strive to love Him first, and wom

Education & Reference

30 prompts to get you writing every day
By: Adam Jackson
Write every day and you will achieve your writing goals. This book will help you develop a daily writing habit. It contains 30 writing prompts (it takes 30 days to form a new habit) and, in the paperback version, space for you to free write in order to warm up your writing muscles, ignite your creativity and ensure you ward off any signs of writers block. If you download the Kindle version you can use the notes feature to complete and save your scribblings.

Children’s Books

Cartooning and Learning How to Draw Kawaii Cartoons with Hebrew Letters
By: Rachel Goldstein
Teaching your child how to draw using Hebrew letters? That sounds crazy…but that is just what this book is for. This book will teach your child how to draw with the easiest approach possible…by using Hebrew letters, alphabet letters, numbers, and other simple shapes. This book is perfect for Jewish children who are just learning (or who have already learned) about Hebrew letters. This is a great way to make learning Hebrew fun.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A Murder Mystery on the High Desert
By: Rod Collins
A GLOBAL EBOOK AWARD NOMINEE, this is the first book in the Sheriff Bud Blair Oregon mystery series…

A suspicious death leads to an investigation, a manhunt, and the capture of the self-confessed killer. But when Sheriff Henry “Bud” Blair reads the autopsy report, he begins to suspect that someone other than his prisoner is the actual murderer.

By: Blaze Eastwood
A group of paleontologists go to a mysterious island in search of dinosaur fossils. The island is even rumored to have actual living dinosaurs, as well. Although the group is skeptical, they decide to make the island their next expedition. Not only are they surprised to find living dinosaurs on the remote island, they also discover something even more shocking.

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