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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

It’s Always Darkest Just Before the End
By: Anthony Land
You’re an over-the-hill ex-professor of English turned private investigator. A beautiful and rich young woman bursts into your low-rent New Orleans office, announcing that she has just escaped from kidnappers.
Within 24 hours you and your client are in Miami, with an ex-Mossad agent ”” the most violent woman you’ve ever met ”” guiding you through a tangle of lies, greed and deadly peril surrounding something called White Stone.
You’re out of your depth and your guide may be out of her mind.
Listen to your Dreams
By: Pratibha R DH
When Tia meets Ron, everything seemed just so perfect and it looked like the universe finally heard her wishes, if not for one person who didn’t want her to be with Ron. And it was none other than her beloved but deceased sister who continuously warned her off Ron.
This story is a journey of corporate ambition, greed, lust and betrayal – a paranormal crime novel that leave you twitching to unearth the mystery of a death, unresolved.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

A Simple Cookbook & Guide For Busy People To Rapid Weight Loss & Healthy Eating Mastery
By: Lilly Fitt
If уοu hаvе triеd а thοusаnd wауs tο lοsе wеight withοut suссеss, this is уοur bеst timе tο stаrt…with the Mediterranean Diet you will never ever get bored. Lilly Fitt’s quick + simple Mediterranean cookbook & guide is written to make your journey to weight Loss & healthy eating mastery a piece of cake!

Business & Investing

By: Gustavo Adolfo Diaz Gironza
Si llevas muchos años buscando la manera de generar dinero de manera real desde la comodidad de tu casa este libro es lo que buscas. Mi nombre es Gustavo y llevo más de 5 años viviendo literalmente de los ingresos que me genera el Internet, en todo este tiempo he podido recopilar los 27 métodos que realmente funcionan para que cualquier persona, sin necesidad de conocimientos previos en sistemas o programación pueda ganar miles de dólares mes a mes.
By: Gustavo Adolfo Diaz Gironza
¿Buscando métodos para ganar dinero?

¿Te gustaría aprender a crear un sistema de ganancias pasivas?

Si la respuesta a estas preguntas es si, déjame decirte que este ebook es lo que estabas buscando.

Te enseñare paso a paso como crear un blog profesional con el que podrás en corto tiempo empezar a ganar dinero por Internet desde la comodidad de tu casa y dedicando solamente unas pocas horas al día en temas de maneteminiento.


By: Tracy Tegan
Sometimes you need a second chance to make a good first impression. When Rylin Mathews meets Philip for the first time their date ends in disaster. A year later, however, they are reunited and that’s when everything changes and Rylin learns that some relationships make romance worth the wait.
By: Mona Ingram
Left penniless by her scum of a boyfriend, Jenna should be taking care of herself. But a heartbroken father and a runaway boy need her”¦ at least for the summer. As the days slide by, she realizes that leaving when Danny goes back to school will be the hardest thing she’s ever done.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Andrew Hawthorne
After finding a mysterious scroll on the island with a shocking message, Jason decides to embark upon a dangerous journey. He must travel to a land that he has never been to before, and help lead the people to victory by taking back what was stolen from them.
By: Kody Boye
I was never afraid of monsters, at least, not until They came. Now They’re in our skies, on our streets, always watching, forever waiting. At seventeen, I’m just about to graduate from the Juvenile Education System and declare my career of choice. The Midnight Guard — who protect our walls from the vicious things that lie outside our community’s walls — calls to me. It’s hard, dangerous work, with grueling hours that offers little sleep, but it’s the one thing I know will make a difference.
By: Bilal Ham
Jaden Lorel has come to one conclusion. Everything is gone. There are no safe havens anymore, only darkness to fill his souls and despair to keep him company. To think something could have survived is unfathomable to most. But when he comes across information about a stable location, he must put aside his doubts and fears in order to find a way to live again.


By: David Morales
In this book, you will discover what emotional intelligence is and how to build your emotional intelligence so that you stop following where your emotions lead you to. Instead, you will be the one in charge of your emotions such that you react in whichever way you want effortlessly.

Literature & Fiction

By: Uvi Poznansky
Forbidden Love, Political Scandal: Having reached his peak, David makes a serious error that threatens to undo his political success. That error is the most torrid tale of passion ever told: his forbidden love for Bathsheba. Will he muster the strength needed to protect her and save their son from danger?
Three Short Stories
By: John Reed
This book, the first volume of the Short Story Collection, features the following stories:
– Member of the Board
– No Good Club
– Hell on Earth

The thought-provoking short stories in this anthology delve into the human condition, shedding light on the confines of the mind in a variety of disturbing circumstances. The characters within, whether corrupt and sinister, innocent and frail, or heroic and humble, will keep you hooked and wanting more. And don’t worry””more are coming!

Children’s Books

By: Julian Barritt
“Book 2 in the Dirk Beetle Detective Agency series

In this sequel to The Case of the Ugly Bug Virus, the invasion of the Ants must be stopped, at all costs. The insect armies of the south rally to the cause, and at the same time Dirk Beetle’s team are assigned a secret mission.

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Creating and manipulating light is what photography is all about! “Shazaam! Effectively Using Photo Reflectors And Photo Filters!” explains everything you need to know to create and modify light using low cost reflectors and filters. There’s no need to pay for expensive lighting equipment!

Health, Fitness & Dieting

By: Aarti Patel
Mainstream health care is overcrowded with gimmicks, “cures,” fear-based messages, costly treatments, extreme diet and exercise regimens, and unreasonable claims of what perfect health should look like. Who can live like that long-term, and does this mindset bring about real change toward feeling better? The Art of Health is a fresh and revolutionary approach that will help you take charge of your own health first instead of focusing on what “everyone else” has to say about it.
This book is something special, something what is going to work with every person. After reading this book you will not just have personal meal and workout plan, but also a knowledge that will let you to move towards your dream body step by step.

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