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Literature & Fiction

By: Book Junkie
Andy Weir’s first critically acclaimed novel, The Martian, defies gravity and interstellar expectations with his whirlwind story of a stranded astronaut on Mars. Filled with suspense, nail biting circumstances, and seemingly insurmountable odds Mark Watney tries to survive the harsh atmosphere of the red planet with almost no supplies or hope.


Early Recovery For Agnostics and Atheists
By: Ken Montrose
Many people who try Twelve Step programs struggle with the spiritual aspects of recovery. This fourteen page workbook assures them they can believe in whomever or whatever they want and stay in recovery. On the other hand, this workbook challenges them to ask why they believe or disbelieve as they do. Choosing a Higher Purpose offers guidance for finding a purpose that includes other people and strengthens recovery.
By: Ken Montrose
The third in the series, Home Groupies III uses the ”˜thought for the day’ format to tell the story of people in recovery. The daily messages range from the mundane to the sublime.
Cleaning up your life in Early Recovery
By: Ken Montrose
This 160 page workbook helps newcomers explore their denial, deal with early recovery, and work the first five steps of AA/NA. It offers practical advice and thought-provoking exercises, while telling the story of a young couple in early recovery.
By: Marcus Buckley
WARNING: You are about to discover how the brain really works-and how to get the most out of it.

Have you felt helpless, frustrated and completely out of control of the circumstances around you? And no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to make headway toward financial prosperity?

Does there never seem to be enough time or energy in your day to go after the things you want?

Christian Books & Bibles

By: Livy Jarmusch
Following the dramatic birth of her royal daughters, the Queen of Bella-Adar is murdered by the merciless sword of an evil usurper. The helpless princesses are placed in the care of the URIA, an undercover organization who safely extracts and protects the girls from a tragic fate. Sixteen years later, Lena Bodner encounters a stranger who uncovers secrets from her past…

Embark on these regal adventures, as Episode 1 launches an exciting, riveting mini-series of short stories!

Parenting & Relationships

How to Get Kids Talking, Grow Their Friendships, and Inspire Change
By: Jed Jurchenko
This book is for everyone who longs to help their kids pause their electronics, grow their social skills, and develop lifelong relationships through highly engaging conversations!
The Winning Secrets that Makes Love Last
By: Patricia W. Smith
Marriage is the most delicate and in most of the cases the most important relationship known in this world. Our life has become very fast paced and busy and this fast paced lifestyle has made lots of things to go wrong and one of the very important areas is marriage …In this book I will guide you towards making your marriage a healthier and happy one.


By: Amy Sumida
There is a truce between us and them; humans and fairies. But sometimes fairies break that truce. That’s where I come in: I’m Seren Sloane and I’m an Extinguisher.
By: Tiffany Turner
Sometimes the man you fall for turns out to be prince charming, sometimes he ends up being a monster in a fedora hat.

Get lost in the world that Alley brings to life for her grandchildren, Jen and Jimmy, as she weaves for them the tale of the summer that she met-and fell in love with- Angelo Adducci, one of history’s most notorious and vicious crime bosses.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: DD Godley
If you enjoyed Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, and Fire in the Sky; you will love Refuge Planet!

Suspenseful, philosophical science fiction with a soul.
Alien contact, abduction, and invasion.

Rich, memorable characters with a plot realistic and unpredictable.


By: MS Kowal
Colorado is a spare and haunting vignette of the fragility of human relationships set against the timeless landscape of the American Southwest.

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Whether pro or greenest newbie, we all want emotion in our photos, it’s what separates the “snapshooter” from the artist!

Color is an important tools we can use to insert emotion in our photography. Read this ebook (it’s fast and easy) and you will never think of color the same again!

i.e, we all know that red is a good accent to attract attention. It can also indicate heat, passion or even stop!

Learn how Baboon Butts affect the way we look at the color red! Plus much much more!

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