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Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
Picture-perfect delicious pies make any day special. And with these delicious recipes, pie making is easier then ever before! Serve up a hot main dish pie for a simple savory supper. Or, choose from a dazzling array of dessert and special occasion pies-baked, chilled, frozen, fruit or holiday ”” in every popular flavor and may be you will find some new ones, from Luscious Apple to refreshing lemon, rich chocolate to crunchy pecan freeze or even a savory dinner pie. Make any day special

Christian Books & Bibles

Understanding the Power of Your Christian Testimony
By: Deidre Havrelock

“They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb AND BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY” (Rev 12:11). The wonderful truth is, if we take the time to grasp the overall story of the Bible, and this includes understanding the immense purpose of testimony, we will become more secure in sharing Jesus often and with greater boldness and love. Be prepared to follow this one subject throughout the Bible.

Literature & Fiction

By: David Richard
This is the story of an inappropriate dream of Harvey Wilson and human needs.

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Sooner or later your friends or relatives will ask you to take photos of a wedding. How To Shoot Weddings Like A “Pro!” is about WHAT to shoot in each of the phases of the wedding it provides a very thorough shot list – you’ll NEVER miss an important shot!
By: Russell Strong
Many people think that self-discipline is all about depriving themselves and living a restrictive life. Well, they are wrong. Self-discipline is a learned skill that enables you to take charge of yourself, manage your actions, and control your reactions. Self-discipline is not a limitation. It is the key that allows you to dominate your life and achieve great personal improvement.


By: Russell Strong
Being an efficient leader goes beyond being a principled and a no-nonsense team leader. Certain qualities make you a leader that everyone loves to work with; one of these qualities is your level of intelligence.


By: S M Mala
His life has gone off the boil”¦ in more ways than one. Now clean of bad influences, Kit concentrates on being a good father. But things are about to take a strange turn when he finds himself embroiled in a kidnap plan. And no-one is telling him which one is ”˜the target’ so it’s a case of elimination. Could it be the beautiful Ingrid? The sexually frustrated Angela? Or the fruitcake Sasha? An unconventional bitter sweet, romantic comedy about trusting and loving once again.
By: Uvi Poznansky
In 1970, Lenny can no longer deny that his wife is undergoing a profound change. Her mind succumbs to forgetfulness. Now, he goes as far back as the moment he met Natasha during WWII, when he was a soldier and she””a star, brilliant yet illusive. Natasha was a riddle to him then, and she still is.
By: Ashley Goss
Brooke is a lawyer who finally gets out of a bad relationship. She wants to experience new things since she was not pleased for years. After a couple of failed attempts, she runs into Jake. Jake is a dark and handsome pediatrician who she knew when was younger. Many obstacles come up like a near death experience, an ex-lover, and trust issues. Can their relationship surive? Can he keep her pleased?


By: Ron Corriveau
Melina Roberts is unaware she’s the daughter of legendary spy Evan Roberts.
A student at a suburban high school, she’s busy with schoolwork and a budding
romance with the cute new guy Alex. When new clues surface about her mother’s
accident, Melina and Alex are drawn into her father’s shadowy world.

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