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Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Stephen Colegrove
The virus left a gap-toothed, slobbering bite-mark on America: the land, the survivors, the cities full of ghost-sickness and abandoned for three centuries. A young priest living in an enclave of still-functioning machinery is forced to leave when the girl he loves is afflicted with an unknown and deadly illness.
By: C. Henry Martens
Twenty years ago plagues swept humanity to the brink of extinction.

Two orphans, born after the apocalypse, flee a once safe and nurturing community grown from gathered wanderers now controlled by evil men.

A dark stranger, immersed in regret and dangerous to himself and everyone he meets, confides the secret of why the world is as it is.

Two orphans must survive, and find someone to trust.

By: Ann Riley
My name is Fynn Young. Fynn is pronounced as it sounds ”” F-I-N-N. I live in Mississippi in a small city called Tupelo. I am a female wolf shifter.
chose to use my, curse, as I call it, for good. I track down missing people. People who may be missing by choice, or who may not be. I also track children who are lost, kidnapped, or are runaways.
I work alongside my trusting companion Riley and two other friends.
This is our story.
By: Andrew Hawthorne
Jason lives in a house on a small island in the middle of the sea. Over the years, he had heard tales about what life was like on the land, but he had never experienced it for himself.

He eventually discovers that the land was taken over by pirates many years ago, driving out many people to the sea, while enslaving those who chose to stay where they were.

After finding a mysterious scroll on the island with a shocking message, Jason decides to embark upon a dangerous journey. He must travel to a land that he has never been to before and help lead the people to victory by taking back what was stolen from them.


The Grand Opening
By: Lily Wells
Alice has been left the Old Rectory by her Aunt Ruth. She’d loved spending her childhood summers in the large old house with its woodland and a secret path to the beach. These were happy times and the place held many good memories. Now the house looked tired, the garden was overgrown and the path to the beach was almost impassable.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Blaze Eastwood
After a series of nuclear weapons are detonated across the country, the residents find themselves with no power. After barely managing to escape from a stuck elevator, Jack eventually makes his way over to Rachel’s apartment, just to make sure she is okay. She is not. Before they know it, the couple find themselves caught in the middle of an epic battle that involves terrorists, escaped convicts, and strict rules enforced through martial law.
By: Hiti Rangnani
The Spiritual Thriller titled, ‘Lost & Found in Ranthambore’ explores the unbelievable journey of fifteen year-old Frank Huber, who is terribly frightened and lost on a desolate, eerie winter night amidst the wild and dense jungles of Ranthambore in India.


By: Julia Barnard
A succinct guide providing you with tips and information to lead a happier life. Topics include: goals, change, work and leisure, stress and relaxation, talents and strengths, generosity, thinking, learning, liking yourself and healthy living.
Ultimate guide to overcome your shyness and fear
By: Mike Bray
Social anxiety, or social phobia, is more than just shyness or occasional nerves. With social anxiety disorder, your fear of embarrassing yourself is so intense that you avoid situations that can trigger it. No matter how painfully shy you may be and no matter how bad the butterflies, you can learn to be comfortable in social situations and reclaim your life.
How to Create Your Dream Life
By: Ryan Robbins
My book teaches you how to change quickly. Whatever it is you want to change about yourself, every day you do not change, you lose out on what you would gain by changing. Our dreams coming true is dependent on what we do, and what we do is dependent on our degree of self-discipline. Do you want incredible levels of self-discipline and your dreams coming true? My book takes you there.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
Chicken is so healthy and versatile; no wonder we’re eating more chicken than ever before. Chicken can be easy enough for week-day dinner’s and fancy enough for guests. If you need to get a tasty, healthy meal on the table; but just don’t have a lot of spare time, these simple recipes using chicken breasts are great choices. Choose from chicken breasts, tenders or grilled chicken; easy oven fried chicken, basic baked or roasted chicken breasts, or quick skillet recipes.

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Whether you are a complete novice or an old pro in photography, your most important subjects will be portraits! Now you can learn how to do them right – and create portraits of your friends and relatives that will get you the “OOHS” and “AAHS” we all want from our photography.

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