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Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Using the correct aperture is vital if you want great, creative photography! Soon, the aperture will be your closest, most creative friend – IF you know all the amazing options available by using the right aperture settings – and how to manipulate them to capture your creative vision.

You’re literally minutes away from understanding aperture as well as most professionals.

Politics & Social Sciences

By: Stephen Gospage
‘Brexit’ is upon us and the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Many consider this to be a tragic mistake, brought about by a crude and dishonest referendum campaign. The UK’s relationship with its European friends and neighbours will inevitably undergo a fundamental change.


By: S M Mala
An unconventional love story about babies, brothers”¦ and the occasional secret bonk. When Ella’s widowed father marries, she is inflicted with two step brothers to add to her current one. She doesn’t want to be part of the mixed race ”˜Brady Bunch’. As time passes, everything she thought she hated, she starts to unexpectedly love”¦ including her illusive and obnoxious step brother Daniel. But is he worth taking a risk on when they are relative strangers?

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The rise of Jason
By: Yusuf R Shaik
It’s been six years since their arrival on Carac, in the Alpha Centauri star system. Wielding superior Earth technology and his special abilities, Jason King transforms the once medieval and backward planet into a force to be reckoned with, improving the lives of everyone and winning the favour of King Wilbur, but the ambitious Jason has an agenda of his own and has his sights set on the throne.

Meanwhile, a powerful enemy is out to capture Jason, dead or alive.

By: Sean Henderson
When menacing dark-suited men turn up looking for them, Daniel and best friend Cameron know they’re in deep trouble. Their illicit online activities have finally caught up with them ””though it was how their team played a computer game that got them watched by the military.
The choice is between jail or a top secret project to pilot and develop combat droids.
It might seem an easy decision, but Daniel and his friends are going to be the only thing standing in the way when all hell breaks loose.

Literature & Fiction

By: Warren Brown
The Waters snake through the streets of the City of Calcutta. The rains are not stopping. The heavens have opened for the last two days and there does not seem to be any sign of the rainfall stopping soon

˃˃˃ Thunder and Lightning
Nancy always wondered when she cried why Jesus had taken her mother from her, when she wanted her mother to hold her and love her every day. Her mother would kiss her and bless her before putting Nancy to sleep every night.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: June Kessler
As a mother and grandmother, I have found my family never turns down a good health pasta dish. I have decided to dedicate this mini book to share my collection of my family favorite dishes that even a finicky 5 year will enjoy, and ask for more. My grand children are three and five years old who love all kinds of noodles topped or mixed with the healthy ingredients that they need as a foundation to healthy living. You are what you eat and to some extent, this is a true saying, children do need
By: June Kessler
n this book you will find several main dish salads to help you beat the summer heat. Most of these salads can be served as a main dish, or take any tossed vegetable salad and add grilled or sliced deli meats or poultry, shredded or cubed cheese, pecans, beans, or Peanuts. Some will even make a refreshing dessert.Center your meals on a wide variety of plant foods (fruits and Vegetables)
Plant foods should be the foundation of your meals. For maximum benefit,

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Jill Paterson
The Celtic Dagger

University professor Alex Wearing is found murdered in his study by the Post Graduate Co-coordinator, Vera Trenbath, a nosey interfering busybody.

Assigned to the case is Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn. Fitzjohn is a detective from the old guard, whose methodical, painstaking methods are viewed by some as archaic.

Murder At The Rocks

By: Steven Wain
It’s the wrong night to be alone. Living with her daughter Valerie, Emily Kemp can hardly tell the difference.

With an empty tea cup, a wealth of mess, and a photo of her ex-husband on the entertainment unit, Emily makes for bed.

Awoken half way through the night, half of the bed unoccupied, Emily thinks it sounds like a bang.

Wobbly feet carry her to investigate, satisfied breaths carry her back to bed after abandonment.

She stops in the doorway.

And then she sees it.

By: Jack M. Lockwood
Much of the deep sea remains largely unexplored. . . Perhaps it’s that way for a reason.
Cole, Ryan, and Troy go cruising on a boat, only to find themselves abducted and held hostage by a group of armed criminals on a ship. After they head further out into the ocean, they begin to realize that there is something even more serious at work.


By: Russell Strong
Being an efficient leader goes beyond being a principled and a no-nonsense team leader. Certain qualities make you a leader that everyone loves to work with; one of these qualities is your level of intelligence.

Your level of intelligence plays a very vital role in determining how good a leader you can be; however, intelligence is not the only, or the most important trait you need to have in order to succeed as a leader. Every effective leader became so due to his/her emotional quotient level.

By: Russell Strong
Many people think that self-discipline is all about depriving themselves and living a restrictive life. Well, they are wrong. Self-discipline is a learned skill that enables you to take charge of yourself, manage your actions, and control your reactions. Self-discipline is not a limitation. It is the key that allows you to dominate your life and achieve great personal improvement.

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