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Literature & Fiction

By: Uvi Poznansky
Even as David finds a way to quell the revolt, the road ahead seems unclear. When his son tries to topple him from the throne, how will David find the right successor, the one who will continue his legacy?
By: Richard Green
This is the story of Harry Keaton – a candidate for the President. It is Election Day and he is the overwhelming favorite to win! What could possibly go wrong? Well, on the day before the election, Harry had a few drinks and does something that could not only cost him the election but also put him behind bars. On Election Day morning he discovers what he has done and he attempts to cover up what becomes known as “the incident”. And he only has about 16 hours to succeed. (A work of light humor.)
Four women, four new captivating short stories
By: Mary Grand
Short stories to intrigue, challenge and entertain. Four women, four very different stories. Ideal to read separately with a cup of coffee or binge read over an hour or two.
By: Book Junkie
New York Times Bestselling Author Kristin Hannah pays a beautiful homage to the contribution of women during World War II in her latest novel. The Nightingale tells a story of estranged sisters who are forced to step out of themselves during a time of war, and in doing so end up finding each other and themselves in the process.


By: Julia Barnard
A succinct guide providing you with tips and information to lead a happier life. Topics include: goals, change, work and leisure, stress and relaxation, talents and strengths, generosity, thinking, learning, liking yourself and healthy living.
Early Recovery For Agnostics and Atheists
By: Ken Montrose
Many people who try Twelve Step programs struggle with the spiritual aspects of recovery. This fourteen page workbook assures them they can believe in whomever or whatever they want and stay in recovery. On the other hand, this workbook challenges them to ask why they believe or disbelieve as they do. Choosing a Higher Purpose offers guidance for finding a purpose that includes other people and strengthens recovery.
By: Ken Montrose
The third in the series, Home Groupies III uses the ”˜thought for the day’ format to tell the story of people in recovery. The daily messages range from the mundane to the sublime.
Cleaning Up Your Life in Early Recovery
By: Ken Montrose
This 160 page workbook helps newcomers explore their denial, deal with early recovery, and work the first five steps of AA/NA. It offers practical advice and thought-provoking exercises, while telling the story of a young couple in early recovery.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries Book 3
By: Karen Musser Nortman
An IndieBRAG Medallion Honoree and a finalist in the Chanticleer CLUE and Mystery and Mayhem awards. A biking and camping trip to southeastern Minnesota turns into double trouble for Frannie Shoemaker and her friends as she deals with a canoeing mishap and a couple of bodies. Strange happenings in the campground, the nearby nature learning center, and an old power plant complicate the suspect pool and Frannie tries to stay out of it–really–but what can she do?
By: Jay Allan Storey
A year ago, after a mental breakdown, homicide detective Frank Langer was placed on medical leave from the squad he was once hand-picked to lead. So when he shows up at the squad one day with a wild story about a conspiracy to kidnap children, his former colleagues pat him on the back and tell him to go home.

When he digs deeper into the mystery and finally connects the pieces, the answer is more deadly than he ever imagined. But can he find someone to buy his story before it’s too late?

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: P. G. Allison
She keeps her werecat nature a secret. There is no pack, no pride of other werecats and no alpha. She’s a girl with fantastic abilities growing up in today’s world, amongst humans. She only has her instincts to guide her and those drive her to train herself to extremes. She must control those instincts; dampening the wild predator is often necessary. Her raging hormones and enhanced senses require very strong controls; she explores what happens when those when those controls are relaxed.
By: Eileen Sheehan
For an up and coming witch, Casey Merker, escaping from her wicked mutant-vampire mother and even more wicked newly wedded vampire prince could never have been accomplished without the aid of two centuries old vampire brothers,, Geo and Luthias. Amidst the running, fighting, and avoiding of the dangers and drama that arose during her escape, the brothers each declared his love for Casey. Now Casey must choose. The problem is…. she loves them both!
The Chronicles of Demetri Risk
By: Arwen Chandler
The night walker shrieked, and slashed at him with clawed fingers. The claws ripped his flesh, burning as if the fires of hell themselves had etched the four-inch gashes across his skin.

Demon hunter and magician, Demetri Risk, lives a life on the edge, and the Order of the Craft has noticed.

On the most dangerous night of the year, Demetri is summoned to the manor house of Brosnan Cage. Unwittingly, Demetri enters into a dangerous hunt that leads the Order to the brink of extinction.

Children’s Books

By: N.A. Cauldron
Anya has become the number one enemy of the Queen of Cupola. But instead of being punished, she and her friends are sent on a suspicious mission to find a lost treasure. In an effort to learn just what exactly the Queen has in store for them, Anya and her friends discover something more deadly than they could have ever imagined.

From lost colonies to fairies and even the fabled skinwalker, Anya, Taika, and Gevin find out what really lies outside the walls of Cupola. Will they survive?

By: Sergio
What do you know about the phone that is always at your fingertips? What secrets can he hide? And what about the animals that live in the neighboring forest?
Our main reporter Larry was playing with her friends in the forest, lost her phone. And was very sad, but after a while her friends helped find her phone. They were very ugly when they discovered strange photos made by little animals that lived in the forest …

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Whether pro or greenest newbie, we all want emotion in our photos, it’s what separates the “snapshooter” from the artist!

Color is an important tools we can use to insert emotion in our photography. Read this ebook (it’s fast and easy) and you will never think of color the same again!

i.e, we all know that red is a good accent to attract attention. It can also indicate heat, passion or even stop!

Learn how Baboon Butts affect the way we look at the color red! Plus much much more!


By: Jason Barnum, S. Wolf
James and David were once average farm boy twins who now reside in an abandoned haunted castle in Scotland 2007. James discovers his powers and turns David into a Dire Wolf. The girl they saved tosses them into a world unlike anything they have seen before. They struggle along there way, learning new skills and gathering new friends to one day best the evil Lich threatening this world.

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