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Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Jason M. Brooks
The Independence is viciously attacked and many of the crew die. When the smoke clears, the ship is left in ruins and the moral of the crew has been destroyed. Stranded in Wild Space with no way to return to Earth, their mission of exploration has now become a mission of survival.

Literature & Fiction

By: Uvi Poznansky
Home. A simple word; a loaded one. You can say it in a whisper; you can say it in a cry. Expressed in poetry and prose, in the voices of father and daughter, you can hear a visceral longing for an ideal place, a place never to be found again.
By: Ken Montrose
Sometimes even the voices the voices are hungover…
David an ex-football player just trying to make a life for himself copes with addiction and auditory hallucinations he calls “The Chorus.” Taylor, David’s therapist, struggles to stay sober and fight off depression while his wife lies in a coma. He bounces between his job at a psychiatric hospital, and the ECU of an adjoining hospital. When chaos breaks out on the psych unit, both must find the strength to overcome their demons.
By: Uvi Poznansky
The most torrid tale of passion ever told: David’s deliciously forbidden love for Bathsheba, and his attempt to cover up the scandal. Will David muster the strength needed to protect her and save their son from danger?

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Duncan A. Colquhoun
A brutal murder takes student Jess Cox and author Philip Coppens on a gripping quest to track down a brotherhood formed by the first civilization on earth.

Surviving the centuries, this ancient force protects an earth-shattering secret that leads to the origins of mankind: a secret worth killing for.

So what was in a letter sent to Jess by her uncle and why was he murdered?

Join Jess and Philip as they hunt for the truth whilst s


By: Mona Ingram
If Charlie had known that ranchers came in such a delicious package, she’d have visited her aunt a long time ago. Jason’s last girlfriend went back to the city, leaving him suspicious of anyone who didn’t grow up on the prairies. Can Charlie and Jason put aside their differences in time to find romance?


By: Ken Montrose
Too many recovering people relapse on prescription medications. This workbook outlines a five step plan for taking medications and staying clean. The reader is encouraged to see prescriptions as a contract, where he or she has the responsibility to do everything in his or her power to need as little of the medication as possible. Being rigorously honest with prescribing professionals and taking a daily inventory are emphasized. Written exercises explore the proper use of prescribed medication
By: David A. Hunter
Anxiety can be really stubborn. It likes to stick around like an unwanted visitor. Even when you THINK that you have it under control, it sneaks back. You have to KNOW that you have it under control.
How not to become roadkill on the highway to recovery
By: Ken Montrose
Many meditation books lift us above the din of daily existence. Not this one. This workbook focuses on continuing the journey of a thousand miles even if the first step was into a pile of it. Topics covered include learning from people you don’t like, squeezing the joy out of life, not judging people by their appearances, finding peace in noisy places, and never picking up the first drink or drug, no matter what. Each lesson includes a page for writing a daily inventory and a gratitude list.
How to Create Your Dream Life
By: Ryan Robbins
My book teaches you how to change quickly. Whatever it is you want to change about yourself, every day you do not change, you lose out on what you would gain by changing. Our dreams coming true is dependent on what we do, and what we do is dependent on our degree of self-discipline. Do you want incredible levels of self-discipline and your dreams coming true? My book takes you there.

Parenting & Relationships

The Exhausted Parent’s Guide to a Restful First Year
By: Janeen Maxwell
Help Baby Sleep is an effective guide for teaching parents how to patiently lead their babies to slumber. Developed by a mother of five, with chapters covering the primary infant stages, this book describes a step by step process for every caregiver to help their baby sleep.

Children’s Books

By: Inge Moore
Something strange is happening at the cabin. Twelve-year-old Sandy is determined to track down the source, with or without the help of her sister, Jacqueline.
By: Becky Benishek
Dr. Guinea Pig George really does think he’s a doctor””and it never occurs to him that he might be wrong!

Follow clever George through a very unexpected day as he navigates potential peril, takes advantage of a peculiar situation, and comes out on top.

These days, it’s more important than ever for all of us, children and adults, to believe in ourselves, even if what we aspire to seems out of reach at first glance. If you don’t take a chance, you’ll never know what might have been.

By: M.C. Gill
Hi, my name is Lance and I fart loud, stinky rippers all day long. I was embarrassed by this problem of mine until I met my best friend Aiden who helped me realize how amazing that I really am. In our hilarious adventure, you will meet the evil Dr. Deuce who tried to destroy the world by raining poo on everything we love. See how Aiden and I use my superhero farts to save the world and thwart Dr. Deuce’s plans, all while helping me strengthen my self-esteem. Along the way you will learn about Ai

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