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Medical Books

By: Ani Right
This is a short, concise book on autism. It gives the main knowledge on what triggers it, how to prevent it, is it contagious, how to live with/next to autist, famous artists, etc. The book for everyone who needs to get basic knowledge.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: David Lloyd
After witnessing a brutal attack on his sister, aspiring young pastor Jacob Carmichael is troubled by why there is so much evil in the world. His journey of self-discovery takes him out of the comfort of his small town in South Carolina, to Gulf Coast City, Florida. Rather than a safe place to begin a new life, Gulf Coast City proves to be a town steeped in human trafficking, greed and vice.

Jacob is swept up into an underworld of depravity he hadn’t known existed. As he becomes acquainted with criminals and their victims, his first instinct is to rescue those who are being destroyed. But first, he needs to come to terms with his own desires, sobriety and his crumbling faith.

When beautiful Karina from Belarus arrives, Jacob’s life becomes hopelessly complicated. Just when he realizes he’s fallen in love with her, she becomes the prey of the human traffickers who are destroying so many lives. Will Jacob be able to find the courage necessary to take a stand against them? And if he does will it be in time to save Karina?

By: E.S. Shankar
This non-fiction ebook is the A-Z of the 2006 murder by C4 plastic explosives of Mongolian national Altantuya who became embroiled in the Malaysian government's US$2.3 billion Scorpene Stealth Submarines procurement contract with France. In the book's final chapter modeled after the famous 1898 expose 'J'accuse' by Émile Zola, author E.S. Shankar lays firmly the blame for a massive cover-up right at the door-step of Malaysia's prime minister Najib Tun Razak and what he has branded, as his government of thieves.
A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery
By: Charles Veley and Anna Elliott
A young American actress arrives in London hoping to learn her identity, just as Sherlock Holmes is closing in on a master criminal. Their worlds collide, and not even Holmes could have foreseen the impact!
The prequel to The Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery series.


By: Imogen Matthews
Wartime Holland. Who can you trust?

Deep in the Veluwe woods lies a secret that frustrates the Germans. Convinced that Jews are hiding close by they can find no proof..

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Joshua Robertson
Branimir is a small, demonic looking creature, who is also the slave to the mighty, magical Highborn. When his masters create a dagger capable of destroying the World Tree, he is dragged along on a quest to remedy the mistake of his masters. Now, facing demons, centaurs, and skin-switchers, Branimir becomes the most unlikely of heroes in this unique, fantasy world.
By: NJ Paige
This is a story about perseverance, family, and courage in an autocratic society.

Health, Fitness & Dieting

By: Mercedes Del Rey
Great news for those of us who have issues with our weight and with our health and wellbeing. And that's because losing weight – and that means losing weight safely, effectively and permanently – just became easier than you ever imagined.
This is the moment in your life when you can make a profound difference to the quality of your life and look and feel better than you ever thought possible. The answer is on the end of your fork. The answer is in the Paleo Keto Diet

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