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All of these books are free today as well. From Author Marketing Club owner Jim F. Kukral.

Business & Investing

Knock Out Past Due Bills and Credit Card Problems
By: Tony Elam

If you are getting behind on your bills, or are already neck deep in past due bills, delinquent credit cards, and possibly considering bankruptcy, then this book might be for you.

If you are paralyzed with where to begin, because you want to do the right thing, but it seems impossible then this book is definitely for you.

I was in that same position nearly 10 years ago. I filed bankruptcy once when I was 20 and I nearly again when I was 27. I decided to fight back the second time however. I realized that change I needed had to come from me or I was doomed to repeat similar mistakes over and over.

Once I decided to make a change, I learned how taking action and taking things step by step will get you further than trying to do everything all at once. Conversely doing nothing for months at a time will create added fear and larger financial problems.

At one time when I was single and living in a 35 ft travel trailer, it seemed like I would never amount to anything. I was sure life was doomed to this miserable existence.

Since then I repaid a car that had been repossessed, and credit cards that had been in delinquency for more than 2 years. Somewhere in between, I got married and we finished paying off my debt, and all of hers. The last $26,500 we paid off in 15 months! We have gone on to buy a home, have two kids (well one is on the way at the time of this writing) and have been living a life with out credit cards and car loans for many years now. Don’t get me wrong, I am no Donald Trump,l or Dave Ramsey, but I want to mereley show you that there is life after bad debt.

I have also gone on to become a Dave Ramsey Certified Coach and have helped countless others become debt free, and taught them to take action when it comes to their finances.

My goal is to help you shorten the path, and ultimately lessen the pain of financial failure, by giving you precise steps to get you started, then teaching you how to make tough financial decisions.

You really can change if you want to, you just need to learn how to beat the financial monsters at the end of your book!

Children’s Books

By: Lily Lexington
This is a tale about a young ballerina as she prepares for her big concert. Follow her as she attempts to conquer her fears about performing in front of an audience in this heart warming tale.

Christian Books & Bibles

Finding Freedom from Self-Pity and a Negative Attitude
By: Shelley Hitz

During a season of transition in my life, I found myself overwhelmed with negative emotions like self-pity and a complaining spirit. It was as if a dark cloud had descended over me. I prayed and asked God for wisdom on how to overcome these negative emotions. And I sensed Him leading me to do this 21 days of gratitude challenge.

Over the course of the 21 days, God began to change me as I spent intentional time being grateful for all I have been given. I did this through writing in my journal each day and also sending a hand-written thank you note to someone different each day.

And now I want to share what I learned with you in the short, but powerful book.
What to Expect On Each Day of the Challenge:

Read my personal stories, struggles and reflections.

Read one scripture and one quote about gratitude.

Apply one personal application step.

Get Accountability and Encouragement

Along with the 21 day challenge, I also started a private Facebook group to provide accountability and encouragement for myself but also for others who decide to join me in the challenge. You will get access to this group as well. It has been amazing to see God at work in each of our lives.

Will you join us?

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: Maggie Brooks
Summer is here. Fresh veggies are everywhere. Why not make some new & original salads? A few of my favorite recipes are Italian Mixed Salad, Susan’s Salad, Baked Chicken Salad, Shrimp Louis & Mama’s Green Salad. I am so excited to share these recipes.

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Your 12 Month Home Clutter Killer Guide
By: Colette Leigh

Sometimes organizing your home just feels too overwhelming.

The closets are jam-packed…

There’s no room in the garage for another box…

And the clutter just keeps piling up…

Step back from the chaos and create a plan!

Plans are at their most effective when they feel like they’re achievable.

That means breaking up a large-scale project into smaller, bite size, pieces.

This twelve-month guide can help you have a completely organized home in a year.

(Of course, if you’re feeling motivated you can push through the plan faster)

Starting with that incredible twelve-month plan, and following with unmissable decluttering tips and advice for you and the whole family, including:

Top Five Clutter Killers

How to Clean Any Room At Lightning Speed

Personalized Cleaning Checklists

The Essential Three Tier System

Ideas to Create Event, Errand and Chore Charts

Secrets of Organized Families

Ten Tools Everyone Needs To Get and Stay Organized

How to Help Children Get Organized

Storage Solutions for Your Home

Kitchen Organization Tips

Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Strategies for an Organized Office or Den

…and more!

Plus all purchasers of this book are entitled to download home cleaning checklists and planning sheets absolutely free!

Buy your copy of Get Organized! and make a permanent difference to your life and home today.

Gay & Lesbian

By: Natasha Holme

The only book to present a diary account of living as a lesbian with an eating disorder, this work is endorsed by Helena Whitbread, Editor of The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister, as “a compelling read.”

A true story set in 1989, nineteen year old Natasha, obsessively in love with her former school teacher Miss Williams, struggles with her infatuations with women. Having sex with boys, she earns the condemnation of gay and straight worlds. Feeling too fat to deserve romantic involvement with another girl, Natasha stops eating.


A Pillow Book
By: Mitchell Anne Hagerstrom
In the sparse, lyrical style of a classic pillow book, Miss Gone-overseas chronicles a wartime life that doesn’t focus on guns, bombs or military depredations, but on the pedestrian life of a lower-class Japanese woman as she reflects on the turmoil around her. Set on a lush tropical island during the later part of World War II, the book begins and ends with separations that are also beginnings.

Literature & Fiction

By: Lisa Mills

When graduate student Isabel Palmer moves to her mother’s native country of Venezuela to finish her Masters degree, her grandmother presents her with a priceless piece of family history””the journal of her ancestor, a sixteenth century Spanish sailor.

Fascinated by the eloquent entries and romantic story within its pages, she begins translating the journal with the help of Archaeologist Manuel Santiago, which leads to a brush with romance and a search for stolen treasure. But the closer she gets to the pearls, the more danger she encounters. Her partners’ questionable motives and personal agendas keep her guessing about who she can trust right up until the expedition’s climactic ending.

By: Julia Hughes

A young man’s dreams collide with those of a young girl living one hundred years ago. A major tragedy is averted, but chaos ensues as history is rewritten and a different timeline is created. Wren eventually realises he must somehow travel back in time, and ensure the Titanic fulfils her destiny.

It isn’t just about the Titanic: As the dreadful events of that fateful night begin to unfold, will Wren be able to stand by and allow innocents to perish?

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Jonah Becker

Love Triangle is a very adult read with graphic sexual encounters, erotic romantic interludes and violent confrontations with criminal elements in the hills of Sierra County, New Mexico. The problems that crowd in on the quiet hamlets of Chloride and Armorillion are very 2012.

The fast-paced story follows young Quaid, hero of the Curandero Trilogy, as he tries to make a new life for himself in New Mexico. He sets up in the little known town of Chloride and soon discovers that love is not that simple and that life for a horse riding, gun toting young stud has its complications.

Quaid discovers that sexual temptation oozes out of the forests, creeks and valleys around the sleepy little town and he makes the most of his new-found freedom…..

Love Triangle has a cast of zany characters, from Buzz Klatzow the reclusive, crazed old-timer, to Levon the contemplative sawmill worker, to Clifford, the hippie commune leader. And then there are the women; sexy Cassandra, “cougar” lover from Phoenix Arizona and Ella the small town nymphomaniac.

But Quaid has unfinished business back in Texas, in the form of the sensual, fiery Brittany.

If Quaid doesn’t get his love life sorted out, then a certain ex-girlfriend from the Lone Star State will take care of it for him.

By: Cege Smith

Fresh off a marriage that spiraled into a dangerous self-destructive tailspin, Ellie Coulter doesn’t believe in fate or luck. Darkness has been a constant companion since her parents’ untimely death, and she harbors a secret that never fails to remind her that she’s different.

Ellie’s protective bubble includes nothing but her coffee shop, her few friends, and her dog. The attention of a handsome young doctor, David Mitchell, pushes her out of her comfort zone, and Ellie warms to the idea that she may have found another risk worth taking.

Then one of Ellie’s friends abruptly leaves town; entrusting her home to Ellie’s care. The house has its own mysterious past that draws Ellie into a new darkness. Her ex-husband resurfaces with premonitions of Ellie’s death. And suddenly Ellie’s life is being turned upside down yet again, and even David can’t help her make it right.

Ellie is running out of time. Something old and evil has awakened and it wants Ellie all to itself. She must solve a century-old mystery and keep a grip on her sanity in order to survive.

Parenting & Relationships

Find Love in Your Astrology Star Sign
By: Rosemary Breen

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours searching and hoping that the person of your dreams dreaming will walk out of your dreams and into your arms. And it hasn’t happen, right?

In this book, you’ll learn about your best and your worst astrological love matches! Armed with this kind of information, you’ll have more chance of enjoying your dating and seduction.

Have you already attracted a Taurus into your life? Let this book be your guide to your partner and relationship.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: L. A. Taylor
In an alternate universe in a quasi-Victorian era, Miranda’s husband has gone on a secret mission for the governor and not returned. She goes searching for him. Could forbidden magic be involved?
By: Joan Marie Verba, Tess Meara, Margaret Howes, Deborah K. Jones, Ruth Berman
Leah came to Autumn World only to observe. But when her survey ship crashes, and the other survivors, traumatized, run away, she finds herself in the midst of a political and religious struggle on an alien world she barely knows.
(Vaetra Chronicles, #1)
By: Daniel R. Marvello
After losing his position as Captain of the Imperial Guard, Jaylan Forester takes a promising mercenary contract, but it goes instantly out of control when he discovers his client is on the run for stealing a magical artifact. Now he must learn to overcome his distrust of sorcerers and magic long enough to help an intriguing Sword Sorceress recover the artifact. When she reveals that he has the potential to become a sorcerer, he must decide if he dares to explore his newfound abilities.
By: Christiana Miller

When a mysterious stranger shows up,

stealing souls to feed a demon and

ruining Halloween for the local kids,

three witches join forces to take him on.As Gus, Mara and Stacy band together,

they’re bossed around by the

cantankerous ghost of Mara’s Aunt Tillie,

tripped up by the spirit of Lord

Grundleshanks the Poisonous Toad,

backed up by Stacy’s grandmother’s

coven, and given assistance by a local

hoodoo master, but they’re still in for the

Samhain of their lives.

If they don’t stop the stranger’s nefarious

plan, the only thing they can count on is

that all three of their souls will be at risk!

By: DG Sandru

Review Book trailer at:

An experiment in a weird book causes four young Americans, Nathan, Perry, Melissa, and Michelle to appear in an incredibly strange and desolate world. Trees as large as mountains, scattered across the land like oases, support all life, safe from the monsters that patrol the night fog on the ground. Races of people living in medieval societies populate the giant trees. Known as the Lorns in this particular tree, they welcome the four kids into their world””until Hellferata, the evil spirit descendent of Medusa, intrudes upon their beloved tree.

Full of vivid imagery and unbridled creativity, D. G. Sandru’s debut is as a mystical journey of enchantment, courage and the power of friendship. As the kids search for a way home, Hellferata searches for the prophesized mortal superhero she must battle to the death. Suspecting Michelle for this golden-haired superhero, Hellferata sends her son, Dracu Mort, into the Lorn Tree to kill her. Fearful of the evil spirit the Lorns move to expel the four Americans from their tree. Thinking quickly, the kids devise a plan to avoid the monsters roaming the land and travel to the next tree, where it is rumored there may be a path back home. Will their ingenuity, cunning, and courage help them make it to the Cascade Tree and find a way home, or will Hellferata and Dracu Mort mete out their wrath before they can escape?

A dramatic and heroic escape into a world full of excitement and danger, Sandru brings to life a beautiful landscape dramatically different than our own yet living from the same heartbeat. Imparting the inspiring message that fear is but a passing foil and love is the true answer, Arboregal: The Lorn Tree is a spiritual quest of hope and friendship that exposes the inherent power we all share.

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