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Parenting & Relationships

By: Sherry M. Little
This paper covers main problems in the relationships, which the couple may face at different stages of life together. Some of the described problems are regular, they are typical for almost any couple, but they are necessary for development of relations and move to a new (higher) level of communication between husband and wife.

Our whole life consists of permanent solution of various issues, and only those who do not give up ”” find the truth. Of course, it is easier to get a divorce, but far fr

Sports & Outdoors

By: Patrick A. Blunt
This report contains the best information and guidelines to anyone whether fast or who has the determination to be a professional runner. From the report you will be able to learn some exciting and very simple ways to improve on your running skills. The act of running has been uplifting our spirits and inspiring our minds for generations.

According to Doris Brown Heritage;
Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance-you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your phy

By: Patrick A. Blunt
Are you thinking of signing up for a marathon or just training for a long distance race, The Marathon Motivation provides you with the right guideline that would help you.
All relevant training techniques, instructions and advice were extensively discussed to equip you for the task ahead.

Some of the issues discussed included what you need to know as a runner, the benefit of running, setting a specific target, applying the right strategy, health implication and the possible dangers of being a m

Business & Investing

By: Diann B Murr
We all have goals that we want to achieve – but we also have reasons we haven’t done it yet! “I’m too tired!” or “I’m too busy!” are all excuses that we set up for ourselves, putting obstacles in the way. If we don’t try, we can’t fail!

This guide will assist you in dispelling all your fears and the things blocking your way. It will give you all of the tips you need to re-start your life, giving you a happier and more successful future.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: Eric Williams
There are currently 1.5 billion people worldwide who are overweight according to the Framingham study, and many of those who are normal weight (in particular those who do not exercise) are overweight on this inside. This simply means that their organs are marbled with fat.

The Paleo Diet is the hottest new diet around; because it’s the healthiest diet you will ever try. Followers of the diet revert back to the way humans used to eat in the Stone Age when hunter-gathers could only eat what was a

Literature & Fiction

By: Uvi Poznansky
Coming back to his childhood home, Ben is unprepared for the secret: his mother, Natasha, previously a brilliant pianist, is losing herself to a mysterious disease. Meanwhile he finds himself increasingly drawn to Anita, who is married to his father.
By: Randal Eldon Greene
A linguist, a lake monster, and the looming shadow of death””news of an unknown creature in the New Bedford Lake coincides with news that Natalia’s cancer has returned. A lament for what is already lost and what is yet to be lost, Descriptions of Heaven leaves only one question to be asked: What’s next?

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Warren Brown
I am a Reaper and Harvester
Ruled by the Warriors of Guzon
I have trained for over twenty years on my planet Ombidiron to be a Reaper Harvester.
A Reaper is trained to plant seeds on barren planets.

The Reaping begins after the season draws to an end and the seeds have grown into strong healthy plants.
The Sower masterfully plants the special seeds at the start of the season on the fertile soil.
When the harvest season arrives the Sower becomes the Reaper.

By: Shannen L. Colton
The light and dark elves have warred against each other longer than anyone can remember. Elysia, princess of the light elves, finds herself in the center of this conflict after being captured and blighted with an ailment that could take her life within a week. Forced to put her trust in her mysterious rescuer, Elysia is swept away on a journey she never would’ve expected, one that brings her to question everything she’s ever known about her enemies.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: M. L. Bullock
Carrie Jo has a secret–she dreams about the past. The handsome and wealthy Ashland Stuart has hired her to uncover the history and the secrets of Seven Sisters, an aging antebellum mansion in sultry downtown Mobile, Alabama. A series of dreams, an untimely death and the betrayal of someone she loves lead her back in time to uncover the truth about a missing young heiress and a web of secrets.

Will Carrie Jo slip into the shadows of Seven Sisters, following in the ghostly footsteps of the lost

By: M.Z. Kelly
Hollywood Homicide, the eighth book in the funny, crazy, wild lives of Detective Kate Sexton and her canine partner Bernie opens with Kate’s career taking a new turn when she’s assigned to LAPD’s new homicide unit, Section One. Kate soon realizes that Section One cases are the highest profile and most difficult homicides in the department. After teaming with her new partner, Ted Grady, Kate responds to a horrific crime scene where she finds the body of Hollywood Starlet, Scarlett Endic
By: Shelby Londyn-Heath
Grey is a hard-hitting foster care social worker who removes babies and children from dangerous drugged parents, violent homes, and families joined with criminal gangs. He is unstoppable until a new social worker enters his department. She is hungry for power and position, as she challenges Grey in malevolent and unexpected ways. As Grey yanks newborns from mothers, confronts irate parents, and lives through suicides of foster children aging out of the system, nothing stops him, until he meets

Christian Books & Bibles

By: Alan Barker
In this book “Positive Thinking Quotes: 101 Inspirational, Affirmation and Successful Quotes in Creative Images” you will find what you are looking for.

Whether you have just fought with a friend or a loved one, have to make an important decision in your life, are afraid and worried that things aren’t going your way or are just in need a pick-me-up because life has got you down, you’ll find a quote that calls to you.

The compilation is there for your comfort, for your perusal, and for your ins

End of Time Warnings
By: Regina Clarinda
A Divine revelation and warning of the end times. A life-transforming book.

Ӣ Feel the tension as the Lord took Regina to a wheat field (symbolizing the world) and showed her the horrifying threats that are coming soon to destroy it
Ӣ A journey to caves of death and the valley of the shadow of death
Ӣ A preview of the Great Tribulation
Ӣ Experience the excitement and joy as Regina shares her trip to heaven to see the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

Biographies & Memoirs

By: Michael Mangold
What would you do if your spouse used the police and courts to harm you? What would you do if your child was abducted in a foreign country? How would you survive being homeless, abandoned, and broke in a foreign country?
The Worst Thanksgiving Ever Trilogy combines Dr. Mangold’s 3 accounts of his trials before, during, and after his son Ben was abducted in Nicaragua one tragic Thanksgiving weekend. This boxed set contains Mythomania, My Worst Thanksgiving Ever, & Desperately Seeking Cereal.

Education & Reference

By: John Walker
This book has got a great collection of quotes of famous people and philosophers on different topics.

Health, Fitness & Dieting

By: Mark Cuban
The number of casinos globally is now developing, not to mention those that offer online gambling and programs to fight compulsive gambling addiction haven’t leap a step forward. Around 2M people are now suffering pathological gambling or compulsive gambling. in a lot of cases, compulsive gambling or gambling addiction is not so understood and it is not highly recognize as a form of psychological dependency. Though a lot of people truly know that gambling excessively may cause drastic financial
By: Mark Cuban
Problem gambling now affects up to 3% of the population ”” which is millions of people, plus their friends and families surrounding them. It may seem like an endless pit, a loop of behaviour that cannot be escaped, but it isn’t.

This guide explains what makes people fall into this spiralling pattern and what can be done to recover from it. With useful resources and information, it’s a must read for anyone who has struggled ”” or know someone who is struggling ”” with gambling addiction

By: Mark Cuban
Looking for how to quit alcoholism? Look no more clicks here for the best steps for 2016

With alcohol being sold even in supermarkets shelves it has led to wide spread of alcoholism across all generation. Some people have viewed drinking alcohol a s family issue passed from generation to generation. Seeking way to stop drinking is one of the efforts many people are trying to work out but to no avail as most get addicted to it so much in that they forget their daily obligations.
Under these repo

A Year of Losing Fat, Gaining Muscle, and Eating Lots of Ice Cream
By: Chad V. Holtkamp
Do you love to eat as much as you love to stay fit? Ever had the urge to try that new diet or workout you just heard about? Buzzwords like keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, CrossFit, kettlebells, etc. Wonder what happens when you do?

“Work Out, Pig Out” is a monthly chronicle exploring the ups and downs of balancing diet and exercise, while eating a lot of ice cream.

Let me give you a few pointers from my quest to try to discover that balance for myself.

By: Patrick A. Blunt
Can’t have enough motivation to start losing some weight?
You are feeling puzzled and unable to find the proper method?
You are sick of those cheap books, and people asking you for money to whisper in your ear their magic secret on how to have “The Rock” body?

Stop wasting your time and start a serious scientifically proven method provided by experts who spent their whole life developing new techniques to satisfy your needs and help you finally start a once and for all new diet to sculpt your b

By: Eric Williams
The whole report is about how to motivate you towards weight loss. After going through it you will find yourself into another world which is attractive and smart world for you and that is your world. Because you are smart and slim than before with best figure just because of weight loss. Some of the success stories are also included in it to motivate you to get ready for your weight loss. Don’t be afraid it’s as easy as you want. This report has solution for your problems of obesity, fat belly a

Children’s Books

By: Wai Lam
One day, I was ready to have completed the design edited into a book, my daughter asked, “Dad, what are you drawing, Oh, it’s beautiful,” “Daddy is editing a book, be prepared to put on the Internet the way to sell”. When I found daughter, surprise then use the software to edit the story of the painting, hand painting before she is on the paper, then I asked 10-year-old daughter, do you want to edit a book placed on the Internet to sell, she happily answered “Yes”, since last year, my daughter h

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