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Arts & Photography

By: Charlie & Diane Winger
Over 90 color photos and narrative from 5 continents take the viewer on an adventurous journey to some of the most spectacular mountains, valleys, deserts, and canyons in the world.
By: Matthew Price

This book provides readers with a detailed look at excavators and their many uses. Learn what the main parts of an excavator are and how excavators move.

Get an awesome overview of excavators and their uses in LET’S LOOK AT EXCAVATORS!

Over 30 pages of excavator pictures!

Also available in print!

Biographies & Memoirs

By: L. J. Martin
RUSH TO DESTINY is based on the early life of the west’s most quintessential hero, Edward Fitzgerald Beale. Ned Beale crossed the country horseback 13 times, he was the hero of the Battle of San Pasqual, the leader of the great camel experiment, carried the first evidence of the California gold rush to congress, fought the slave trade, was an Indian agent in California, and so much more. Beale’s exploits eclipsed those of Fremont, Stockton, Custer, and even Kit Carson’s, who said of Beale, “I can’t believe this man, Ned Beale.” My finest compliment as an author came from a California high school history teacher who said, “my students learn more California history from your book than from all their texts, …and love doing it.” Don’t miss the adventures of this true hero.
“Oh, how I wished I could’ve told her what had happened. How I wished I could’ve let go and allowed the tears to spill. But I knew that if I had cried, Mama would’ve asked me what the matter was. And if I had told her the truth, she would’ve said that I was lying. And if she thought that I was lying . . . well, you know the rest.

Still, I wonder . . . did she know?

Did anyone know?

Didn’t everyone know?”Lucy Green Eyes is based on the true-life story of Merlene McDaniel as told from her eyes growing up in the segregated South. Although Merlene spends much of her early years dodging the stinging switches of an overly-strict grandmother, yearning for the embrace of a part-time mother, hoping for a smile from an oncoming stranger, or running from dirty old men, her inner strength allows her to ride on the wings of endless hope, and we can’t help but ride along.

By: Shelley Hitz

Have you been through difficult times in your life? If so, you are not alone. Jesus says in John 16:33, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Notice that He doesn’t say that we might have trouble or that if we have enough faith we will escape it. He clearly states that on this side of heaven we will walk through difficult times in our lives.

And yet we have reason to hope.

This book is my own personal journey to finding hope after a tragedy hit our family. However, I did not want this book to be my story alone. Instead, I want it to be a resource for you to find hope in the midst of your own difficulties. That is why I have added the sections that you will see through the book called, “From My Life to Yours,” where I add journaling prompts and reflection questions for you to apply what you are learning to your life. I pray that God leads you to find His hope no matter what you are currently walking through.

Children’s Books

By: Ruth Glick
When Aaron first saw the strange blue lights on the night of July 4th, he thought it was fireworks.

He watched one light fall into the woods, and the next day he went over to investigate. That day was very nearly his last!

Aaron’s close encounter with an alien being was all the more terrifying, because he didn’t know what it was; it could change shape!

Had other aliens landed? Where were they?

Aaron, and now his friends, are in terrible danger–all the more, because no one would believe them!

By: Maureen Bartone
How can anyone get sucked up and into a gumball machine? Impossible? Not if you find a magic gumball machine! Life in the Gumball Machine is a chapter book for new readers (ages 7-12). It’s a story of great fun and adventure when three friends, Daisy, Patrick, and Michael, find an abandoned gumball machine ”” a big one, almost as tall as they are – hidden in an old shed. After simply touching it, they magically shrink in size, and a strong force of freezing wind sucks them up the swirling tunnel and into the gumball machine. They land in a world with purple grass, a pink sky, and gumball trees. The latch is locked, and there is no escape! When they start searching for another way out, they encounter a variety of gumball people, each one a different color from the next. Their new gumball friends take the children on the adventure of a lifetime ”” including a slide that takes them down Pudding Hill!
By: Matthew Price

Is your child fascinated with construction vehicles? This book offers a close up view of a bulldozer, and provides a brief history of bulldozers. We discuss common uses for bulldozers, and different attachments dozers can use.

Find out more about bulldozers and their capabilties in LET’S LOOK AT A BULLDOZER!

Over 30 pages of close up bulldozer pictures!

Also available in print!

By: Charlotte K. Omillin
Now living in Alesdor’s teepee in the garden, Zeppi is overjoyed when a circus parade comes down the street. It’s so much fun, until he realizes some animals are caged. Have his parents wound up in cages at the circus?

Zeppi decides to find out.

By: D. L. HART
Kittens and Mama cat disappear; search does not reveal their location; but on a bright Saturday morning the kittens reveal themselves and you can follow in their adventures.
By: Wyatt Michaels

Which breed has been called “a poor man’s racehorse”? Which breed holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest dog? Which breed is a water dog that has webbed toes?

Answers to these questions and more are presented in a fun and interactive way for kids of all ages. Interesting and unique dog breed facts focusing on seven dog breed types, the Weimaraner, Welsh Corgi, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Welsh Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, Whippet, and Yorkshire Terrier are included in this volume.

This dog breed quiz book is enhanced by pictures of the dogs as well as associated people and places. Kids will love the fun; parents will love the education, including history and geography, that is disguised through the facts.

By: Laura Pauling
Bianca and her cousin, Melvin, head back into time to an Ancient Maya city to rescue their grandfather. The fact that a crazy king wants to serve Bianca up to the gods as an appetizer is just a minor technicality. But this ancient evil dude has finally met his match.
By: Wyatt Michaels

What animal gives us wool for clothing? What is a boy chicken called? What animal wears shoes?

The answers to these questions and others are presented in a fun and interactive way as a picture book for younger children. Each question has three possible answers. If you guess wrong, you get to try again. Sometimes there are hints and comments to help you along. When you get the right answer you move on to the next question.

Kids will love the fun; parents will love the hidden education.

By: Annette Cauchi
How I Saved the World: Amazing Adventures of an Almost Superhero is the first book in the Adventures of Jed Pepper series. It is suitable for readers aged from 9 to 90.

It tells the hilarious story of Jed Pepper, an ordinary boy, who meets a girl called Saki Salter, who is anything but ordinary. Jed is propelled into a whirlwind of adventure and intrigue from the moment Saki gives him a mysterious object to keep safe. It’s a top secret prototype, developed by Saki’s parents, who have mysteriously disappeared.

Jed and Saki discover that the prototype contains an alarming message and that some very nasty people will do anything to get their hands on it. They have to keep one step ahead of danger as they are pursued by gorillas, secret agents and a crocodile-woman called Miriam.

Helped by their strange but brilliant friends, Gizmo and Zorba, they are in a race against time to rescue Saki’s parents and save the world from an invasion by hostile aliens.

By: LL Kross

Mind Hurdles Grade 2 is a distinct and innovative departure from the often boring question-and-and-answer ebooks for kids of the past. It is the dazzling new interactive standards-based, accelerated cool quiz game that ensures that your kids are not just keeping pace, but are moving toward a successful future.

Mind Hurdles was created to prepare your child for life’s hurdles, and while it is fun to play, it is certainly not fluff. The self-pacing game keeps prompting until your child gets the right answer. Positive reinforcement is built into the brand new interactive quiz game. Imagine your child having the opportunity to review, learn and apply concepts before the tests are even given. This is exactly what Mind Hurdles Grade 2 delivers.

Responsible parents can feel confident that the content is challenging and aligns with standardized testing, yet kids love to play it either alone or with school friends. Among books for children ages 7-9, it is a fun game book that provides inquisitive and budding minds a new and fast way to master 2rd grade material. As with all the Mind Hurdles children’s books, its contents are overseen by the Mind Hurdles Advisory Board.

Christian Books & Bibles

By: Amanda Stephan
Beaten and betrayed by the one who was supposed to love her,

Carly Richards is on the run!Forced to live as a fugitive as her ex-fiance stalks her across country, she finds refuge in a small town in Montana. Her emotional scars are reluctant to heal, and Carly resists the friendliness of those around her ~ especially handsome farmer Joe Baird. Caught in the circumstances, the kind people around her begin to creep into her softening heart. God is at work, and she has to trust Him not only to take care of her, but care for the people she is learning to love.

A Vision of America’s Future – Top Rated
By: Grant Carroll
Austin Kelly is about to learn a lesson: Be careful when you pray for God to change you, because He answers prayer. Even though he’s a Sunday School teacher, Austin’s faith in Jesus Christ is no match for his fear of rejection from others. Lizzie Kelly has more courage than her husband, but struggles to find fulfillment and meaning in her job at their church. The couple’s friends aren’t faring much better. Computer tech Daniel Cabrera fights disappointment with the direction his career has taken, and even more frustration with the church youth he teaches. His wife, Jackie, strives to maintain a sense of control over her life, but it’s quickly faltering. Faced with churches dying across New York City, the four Christian teachers have a cry in their hearts for their lives to make a difference. God answers their cry by throwing them into a world that looks like a nightmare version of the United States. Everything is so similar, yet totally different, starting with the fact that Christians are nearly extinct after decades of persecution. They soon discover it is a fascist nation, where anyone who professes faith in Christ risks their life. The four travelers encounter a group of teenagers that turn out to be one of the last surviving churches, led by their high school teacher, Eric Peterson. With no visible way to get home, Austin, Lizzie and their friends join the underground church in their fight to spread the Gospel while avoiding the National Police. Their task is made even more difficult when revival breaks out in the local high school and draws unwanted attention, but they know they can’t stop until their work is complete and the Lord makes a way for them to go home…if there is one..
Finding Purpose and Hope in Knowing God
By: Kevin Casey
Have you been holding back instead of leaning into life with a fearless sense of childlike trust? Are you running your life the best you can and only ask for God’s involvement when you need “a little help?”� Have you found yourself conflicted on how to pray wondering if God wants you to hurt in order to teach you some eternal lesson? Are you consumed with chasing after provision instead of living with vision? Who’s Your Daddy? will help you to develop new understanding for a life of fulfillment.
By: Shelley Hitz

It comforts me to know that Jesus promises us healing for the broken hearted. Even in the darkest of situations, there is hope.

I have walked through some dark days and difficult circumstances yet Christ has brought healing to my life. I have written this book to share with you the journey God has taken me on and some of the tools He used to bring healing and lasting freedom.

Isaiah 61:1 says, “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.”

And yet, your path to healing may not look exactly like mine. We are all uniquely created with different backgrounds and life circumstances. Therefore, I do not believe there is just one step-by-step system.

However, in this book, I am going to share with you practical steps you can apply to your life to receive healing emotionally and spiritually. Please do not feel like you need to do every single step that I share with you. Instead, I encourage you to pray and ask God for wisdom. Ask Him to show you which specific steps you should take on your path to healing, and then, take that first step.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~Lao-tzu

==> Are you ready to take the steps necessary to receive healing from Christ? If so, download this book to take the first step on your own journey to healing and freedom.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: Amy Clark

Who needs a good nutritious breakfast? Everybody. Who has time to make it? Certainly not everybody! But now with Breakfast in a Flash, the numbers should go up.

This book is designed for people who are looking for a quick breakfast that is tasty and nutritious before they head out the door for the day. You can be assured that your breakfast will be much better for you than stopping by the local fast food restaurant and spending way more money for way less taste and freshness.

By: Amy Clark

Sometimes a meal just isn’t complete without a dessert. And sometimes a craving for dessert can happen in the middle of preparing the main meal.

Sometimes to complete a meal, or satisfy a craving, you need a dessert that can be ready quickly. Most of the recipes in this book are designed to fill that need. All are designed to be assembled quickly, but some may be chilled or frozen to be served later.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and stay on your time schedule. How sweet it is!

Tasty Low-Calorie Breakfast Recipes
By: Joan Holcomb

The importance of a good breakfast cannot be overstated. Breakfast fuels your body for the day and reduces feelings of hunger for the rest of the day (especially if the breakfast includes protein). Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are healthier than those who don’t.

The key to a great, healthy breakfast is to find foods that you love, which are also low-calorie and easy to make. This cookbook contains recipes for a wide variety of foods, for just about every taste. All are under 250 calories per serving. To make a more hearty meal, you could add one (8 oz.) glass of skim milk and a half glass (4 oz.) of orange juice, if desired.

All recipes include calories, fat, fiber, carbs, and protein content per serving.

Important note: this is not a cookbook with zero calorie (or near-zero calorie) recipes. The very nature of these recipes and their ingredients mean that the calorie count will never be zero, or even close to it. Those looking for minimal calorie recipes are advised to seek commercial preparations specifically made for very low calorie diets.

Also, these recipes are not necessarily low-carb. With healthy ingredients such as fat-free milk and fruits, they often include GOOD carbs.

By: Paul Schaverien

A gentle, lighthearted look at Traditional Spanish Family Cooking.

In Paul Schaverien’s “It’s Not Just Paella”� you’re going to get his exact recipes for traditional family recipes from every corner of Spain.

Education & Reference

By: David Wogahn
Successful eBook Publishing is a complete how-to instruction guide for planning, designing, formatting, converting and distributing Kindle eBooks. Whether the reader plans to do it on their own, or hire experts, this comprehensive reference contains everything needed to go from idea to the Kindle shelf. Available in Kindle eBook and 6″x9″ paperback (160 pages), it covers 42 topics in 7 sections including how to take your eBook to the eShelves of Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo.

Humor & Entertainment

By: Shae Buggs
Lucy, a hard working shenanigan queen, finds evidence that her husband, Mason, cheated on her. In a heated moment, she throws a wine bottle at his head leaving him unable to remember anything from his past. Since she is responsible for her husband’s amnesia, it is her responsibility to get his memory back. Motivated by revenge, Lucy plans a way to get Mason back to normal while having a little fun in the process. This story unveils her comical attempts to sabotage him and how he tries to win her back.

Literature & Fiction

By: Brandon Clements

A gritty, emotionally gripping story about forgiveness, family, and the sometimes tragically painful sins of the church.

Jack Bennett has a wife, two kids, the perfect job–and the perfect affair. When he is caught and it all comes crashing down, Jack is left with no one to turn to. No friends. No family, except his recovering drug addict of a sister.

On a Sunday morning drive, he sees a homeless man locked out of a church service, banging on the door. He stops and offers the guy a cup of coffee. He asks the man his name, and the guy says Yeshua. As in, Jesus.

Jack’s not stupid. This isn’t the real Jesus. But with nowhere else to turn, Jack forms an unlikely friendship with this eccentric homeless man–one that will test his idea of truth, faith, love, and forgiveness.

And Jack is completely unprepared for the real-life twists his story is going to take.

By: Joseph Avski

If you, dear reader, prefer books with fairy-tale endings, you would do well to not read this novel. Even in the English translation these Colombian characters and places will sit very close to you. In bursts of fiction and nonfiction, Heart of Scorpio tells the tragic story of ex-champion boxer, Antonio Cervantes (“Kid Pambelé”), using four distinct voices that represent the personal, family, social, and public aspects of the protagonist’s life. When combined these vignettes reveal all the pathos of the human condition, both at the height of brilliant success and in the depths of disastrous failure.

Originally published in Spanish as El corazón del escorpión, this winner of the IX annual National Novel Award from the Medellín Chamber of Commerce will leave you in a daze.

A Ghost Tale
By: B.Lloyd
A crowded house party – with more guests on the way. Despite instructions to the contrary, the older part of the house is opened up . . .and something is inadvertently let out, to wreak mild havoc and insanity on the Maydews and their guests. That nasty incident involving Eleanor, followed by unpleasantness over Penny’s dress, and what is it Aubrey can hear, on the outer edge of his dreams?

Hysteria, missed cocktails, and something nasty in the attic.

Snrrip, snrrip. Snip, snap.Even the rats run away.
A tongue-in-cheek ghost tale, created in celebration of M.R.James’s 150th anniversary.

By: John Kachuba

Women of the Way is an inspirational historical novel that recounts the stories of three women in first-century Palestine that find their lives transformed when they meet an enigmatic, itinerant rabbi from Nazareth named Yeshua.

Miriam is a widow of independent means, defamed as a harlot and shunned by the villagers of Magdala precisely because of her independence. Joanna is a patrician woman and wife of Chuza, King Herod’s chief steward, who finds herself subjected to the unwanted advances of Philip, Herod’s nephew. Hannah, the Homeless One, is a young orphan roaming from village to village, barely able to keep herself alive.

The words and deeds of Yeshua draw the women to him. But Palestine is a volatile land where Roman rule and Jewish nationalism are on a collision course. Women are not treated as equals to men””despite Yeshua’s egalitarian views; feminism is centuries away. As Yeshua’s popularity increases, so do the numbers of his enemies and the women find themselves in mortal danger as they spread the teachings of the Way.

Drawn from Bible stories, Women of the Way blends adventure with spirituality, and history with religion to create a thought-provoking and moving book.

John Kachuba is the author of seven books, a member of the Historical Novels Society, and a writing instructor at two universities. See:

The Case Files of Edgar Sullivan #3
By: OJ Connell

Salvador Dobson, a wealthy antique collector, ends up with more than he bargained for after purchasing a rare diadem at auction. While at first he is taken with its stunning beauty, its true nature is soon revealed to him. When he finds a terrifying apparition emerging from the diadem, he calls paranormal investigator Edgar Sullivan to exorcise it.

Sullivan’s initial attempts aren’t successful, however. The spirit possessing the diadem is of a strange and powerful sort, and is unlike anything the investigator has ever encountered. He soon comes to realize that the spirit he seeks to get rid of may be the harbinger of something terrible.

Southhill Sagas
By: Jenny Gill
Happily married Mark and Alison are discussing their forthcoming holiday. She goes out of the room briefly – when she returns Mark is not there. And she never sees him again! It is 17 years before she hears any news. She needs to piece together the whole puzzle before she can get on with her life.
Southhill Sagas
By: Jenny Gill

Martin loves fishing. His dream in life is to run his own business, passing on his love of fishing. His wife Cilla is behind him all the way and they open a full service fishing tackle shop which they call Fisherman’s Dream.

Then an out of control lorry on the motorway puts an end to Martin’s life and his dream. But Cilla has to go on, Cilla and the business Martin so loved.

This is the fourth of the Southhill Sagas, set in leafy Surrey, to the south of London.

By: PanOrpheus
Phoebe, the third to hold the Seat of Prophecy at the Temple of Delphi, and lately, the Oracle of Caral, Peru, has been given a mission- to find the missing Medallion of Gaia. The Medallion has been reported to be in the vicinity of San Francisco in 1951. Her adventures include: A well-known detective, an Indian motorcycle; Cadillac hearses; a 1951 Jazz club; the planet Saturn; androids; comets; asteroids; planes; a train; and ultimately a hearing room in Washington, DC. Will Phoebe find the Medallion? You’ll find out as the book races to a startling conclusion!
Southhill Sagas
By: Jenny Gill
Joy and Michael were initially horrified when their beautiful but irresponsible daughter, Rachael, announced that she was pregnant and refused to say who the father was. She could barely look after herself; how would she be able to care for a child? But at the risk of alienating their only child the welfare of their grandaughter has to be top priority.
By: Martin Luxton
A Christmas tale of redemption in the best tradition of family favorites like “Scrooge” and “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Santa’s List is a heart-warming short story about an elderly man haunted by the the impossible situation he finds himself in. Help comes from an unexpected source and the spirit of Christmas saves the day!

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A Greg McKenzie Mystery
By: Chester D. Campbell
Molly Saint hires new PI’s Greg and Jill McKenzie to check into her husband’s background, then disappears. It starts them on a tangled trail of deceit. Complicating matters further, Greg gets drawn into a troubling police investigation stemming from the assassination of the Federal Reserve Board chairman at a Nashville hotel. The case resurrects old problems with a Murder Squad detective and his colleagues among Nashville’s finest. The deeper the McKenzies dig, the more deadly illusions they face. After threats, break-ins, and another murder, the charade ends in a shocking showdown.
The Horse Found the Body
By: Maggie Bishop
Tall, strong but discouraged Jemma Chase returns home to lead trail rides at the family’s Blue Falls Dude Ranch and earn some cash from free-lance carpentry and photography. When her horse finds a body, this CSI wannabe investigates.

Is it the neighbor caught hunting out of season?

A guest on the ranch?

The Christmas tree farmer using the wrong chemicals?

Could the farrier be involved? Jealous husband?

The man who imports Mexican pottery?

The brothers raising marijuana in the woods?Besides, who hates the dogs in the valley?

Against his better judgement, Detective Tucker uses Jemma’s findings and uncontrollable curiosity to help find the killer.

By: Roger Smith

Framed for murdering his family, South African journalist Robert Dell’s only ally is his oldest enemy: his father, an ex-CIA hitman with one last shot at redemption. Hunting the real killer, father and son take a bloody road trip into the heart of darkness, uncovering a conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of the state.“A bloody, hair-raising revenge tale.” THE TIMES

“Like Dutch Leonard on the far end of a crank binge.” BARNES & NOBLE FAVORITE NOVELS 2011

“Master of the coolly-described nightmare.” DER SPIEGEL CRIME NOVELS OF THE MONTH

“Wildly dark, riveting & original.” CAPE TIMES

“Truly powerful writing.” FLORIDA TIMES-UNION

“The best crime fiction novel of 2011.” CRIME FICTION LOVER .COM


“A tour de force of a chase-and-pursuit thriller.” SHOTSMAG (UK)

“Full of grit and violence & touchingly human at the same time.” DETECTIVES BEYOND BORDERS – BEST BOOKS OF 2011

“A great thriller.” DIE WELT

“Vivid descriptions of life in South Africa. A thrilling read. ” THE WITNESS

“So painfully precise, lucid, compelling that you can’t help but read on.” FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU

“Call it pulp, hardboiled or crime fiction. I call it badass writing!” FRANK BILL – TOP 5 NOVELS OF 2011


“Topping my list of favorite crime thrillers of all time.” DAVE ZELTSERMAN – KILLER

“Shocking, unsparing and very satisfying.” MACK CAPTURES CRIME

“One of the best noir thrillers of 2011.” KEITH RAWSON – CRIMEFACTORY

By: William S. Shepard
These four essays trace the birth and evolution of the detective story, from its origins in the early nineteenth century to the great American masters, Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.

The first essay begins with Eugène-François Vidocq, a picaresque French criminal who became, by degrees, a police spy and then, the originator and Chief of the first modern police intelligence bureau, the Brigade de Sûreté. This former galley slave and convict was larger than life, so much so that his life and writings became the stuff of great literature ”” from Victor Hugo to Dostoyevsky. Trace him here, as modern criminology is born ”” and with it, the modern detective story.

We continue with the tormented writer, Edgar Allan Poe, who created the first detective story, Murders In The Rue Morgue alluding to his debt to the writings of Vidocq as he did so. Not content with that achievement, Poe had his celebrated C. Auguste Dupin, in The Mystery of Marie Roget, solve an actual crime that had baffled the New York police.

The second essay treats three eminent Victorian writers. Charles Dickens, in Bleak House, introduces Mr. Bucket, a police detective who is probably the fictional edition of Scotland Yard’s Inspector Field. Wilkie Collins, in The Moonstone, may deserves honors as the author of the first detective novel. Both Dorothy Sayers and T. S. Eliot considered it the finest detective novel ever written.

With Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s immortal Sherlock Holmes, we have a fictional creation (if, indeed, he is fictional) who has clearly upstaged his creator. William Shepard is a Sherlockian, and here he reveals, amongst many fascinating details about Holmes, just where the name “Sherlock”� in all likelihood first appeared to Conan Doyle. And he tackles the question, why didn’t Holmes solve the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888?

The third essay concerns a trip of great mystery writers, Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, and Georges Simenon, the creator of the great French detective, Inspector Maigret. Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot are viewed in detail, as is Dorothy Sayers’ fine creation, “half Bertie Wooster and half Fred Astaire,”� Lord Peter Wimsey.

Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade and Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe complete the list, representing the American hard-boiled school. A bibliography, containing links to The Maltese Falcon film errors and favorite writings of Raymond Chandler, completes your reading pleasure.

By: Jace Daniel

Crossword puzzle enthusiast Pete Durante is a war dog trainer stationed near the Los Angeles Harbor during World War II. After he cracks an enemy code that helps end the war and saves millions of lives, he gets driven to suicide by a vengeful intelligence officer named Rip Greamer. To save his family from an even darker fate, Pete must follow his dog beyond the grave and into a purgatorial maze of tunnels beneath Los Angeles to solve one final puzzle.

Under Angels is a ghost story that includes Los Angeles history, UFOs, anagrams, the K-9 Command Unit, WWII cryptography, love, tragedy, second chances, and Greamer, who is either a covert government agent or something far worse.

The Sanheim Chronicles: Book One
By: Rob Blackwell

Something is stalking the citizens of Loudoun County, Va.

Is it the return of the notorious serial killer known as Lord Halloween? Or is it something worse–a figure that can cloak itself as your worst nightmare?

Kate and Quinn, two community journalists, rush to uncover the truth before a promised bloodbath on Halloween night.

A Soul to Steal has been featured on USA Today and praised by book bloggers and readers alike for its thrilling combination of mystery, suspense and the supernatural. Hailed as an addictive page-turner with a “fantastic” ending, this Kindle bestseller is a unique thriller that will leave you breathless.

By: Jinx Schwartz

Hetta and Jenks Jenkins live a life many only dream of aboard their 42-foot boat in Mexico’s hauntingly beautiful Sea of Cortez. But their chosen sea has a serpent: Mexico’s out-of-control drug trade.

After witnessing a drug-deal gone wrong, they set off a deadly chain of events that lands them in a sea of intrigue involving a best friend, the Mexican Federal Police, the DEA, US Coast Guard, the INS, and a nasty drug cartel.

This fast-paced adventure is a must-read for anyone who has ever dreamed of cutting the lines and shoving off to adventure.

By: Dennis Yates

Robert Crain’s perfect life is being torn apart… While recuperating at home from a car accident, men in ski masks break into his house and render him unconscious. When he awakens the next morning he is confronted by a nightmarish truth — that his wife and son are gone.

But it doesn’t take long before he learns he’s not dealing with ordinary kidnappers. They aren’t interested in ransom money. No, what they want is unthinkable — to see Robert fight other strangers to the death… And if he refuses, he will never see his family again.

Accompanied by his loyal German shepherd, Robert descends into the darkest journey of his life, awaiting the kidnapper’s next dreaded appointment — and coming out of it alive. Joined later by his best friend Will, he will stop at nothing to rescue his wife and son who are being held by a haunted psychopath.

Robert has always had questions about his family’s past. About a mysterious oblong box he discovered in his grandmother’s attic and his grandfather’s deep fear of what lurked within a mountain glacier. Beginning with a ghost that stalked him in the forest while his was a boy to a violent trip he and Will survived in Mexico, Robert has always believed that some force from the distant past would one day come for him.

Heart-pounding and unpredictable, RED MOUNTAIN is a journey between the past and present, and what happens when the two collide.

By: Martin Roth
Brother Half Angel, the leader of a secret new church military order, is sent to China, where an underground seminary is under siege from fanatical sword-wielding members of a local cult who still pay homage to the bloodthirsty extremists who tried to expel all foreigners from China in the nineteenth century. But the seminary also has its own internal divisions. The director, Uncle Ling, a hero of the underground Chinese church, holds secrets that he cannot reveal. And now the tensions are threatening the marriage of idealistic young American missionaries Daniel and Jenny Westloke.
By: Rosemary McCracken

Pat Tierney’s world is shattered when a visitor to her office tells her that Pat’s late husband is the father of a seven-year-old boy. Stunned by the revelation of her husband’s affair, Pat is even more shocked when the woman bolts from the office, leaving young Tommy behind.

When Tommy’s mother is murdered, police say the boy may be the next target. In a desperate race to protect Tommy, Pat uncovers a deadly scheme involving trafficking in human body parts and money laundering.

By: Art Keller
June, 2014. The world is shocked as Iran’s newest and most powerful destroyer, the Shaheed, explodes and sinks on its maiden voyage, killing a full cadre of VIPs, including a dozen of the most powerful clerics in Iran. The ship’s executive officer, Commander Mohsen Saeed of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, ashore during the explosion, frantically works to uncover the truth behind the sinking of his ship. Unfortunately for Saeed, learning that truth puts him and his family in grave danger; he is targeted by death squads who want him to carry the secrets he has unearthed to his grave. Meanwhile, accusations of blame for the sinking of the Shaheed bring the US and Iran to the brink of war. As the net of pursuit draws ever closer, CIA officers Joe Cerrato and Cynthia Banks struggle to get Saeed and his family out of Iran before they are caught and executed in cold blood. Full of authentic detail from an author who has served as a field officer in the Directorate of Operations of the CIA, Hollow Strength serves up a compelling picture of the Iran of tomorrow, and the perils of real world espionage operations.
By: Dave Lacey
The book begins with a discovery in Mexico, and discovery that points to a future event.

Time skips forward to the present day, and a string of murders threatens to uncover a terrifying secret.

Jack Sumner uncovers the reason for the murders, and together with his partner they lead up to a dramatic climax.

By: Tower Lowe
Aliens abduct Danny and force him to kill Juan, his only real friend. Or that’s what Danny thinks. Danny’s alien abduction story gets him arrested in this cozy UFO mystery. Cinnamon, the female sleuth, and Burro, her assistant, travel through New Mexico amid alien abduction stories, drug deals, and lost love to find out if Danny is guilty or innocent. The quirky characters also provide another tantalizing clue in Cinnamon’s search for the elusive Momma. Let an hour disappear while you mingle with the Roswell residents and their alien guests in this top mystery series.
By: Gabriel Beyers


After suffering a near-death accident, retired Marine Casper Brown awakens with a strange new connection to three stray dogs recently adopted by his family. Casper’s nights are filled with dreams of the dogs’ activities, at times he can even see through their eyes. And what he witnesses has him worried for his family’s safety.


As he searches for the truth, Casper crosses paths with the wealthy Pummel family. The Pummels are the most beloved family in town. Though their philanthropy and charisma form a cloud of mystery about them, their work with the town’s exotic cat rescue center has captured the heart of the people. But the Pummels are guarding a secret. One they will kill to keep quiet.


Shadeland is a town of shadows and secrets, where hunters hide in plain sight and prey scurry about unaware. As the disappearances grow exponentially, Casper will come face to face with a new predator lurking in the forest outside of town, one unlike any the world has seen. Fleeing the Pummels’ wrath and stalked by an unseen creature, Casper must rely on the dogs he fears to save those he loves.


By: Neil Bastian

Jamie, a 22-year-old university graduate, is tall, blond, and about to be crowned King of England.

Griff is a scarecrow-haired shambles of a petty crook who has drawn his younger brother Tudor into a spectacularly ill-judged armed robbery attempt.

When Jamie stumbles into the midst of Griff’s heist, the scene is set for a battle of wits which will horrify the Palace, divide the constabulary, confound the government, and thrill a global television audience ”” all on the eve of the Coronation.

By morning, the world will know whether Jamie will be crowned or Griff will reign supreme.

By: Waylon Piercy

At some point, we have all had a fear of the dark”¦ and the things that lurk within it! In these eight stories, people are forced to confront their personal horrors, and no one emerges unscathed. The little boy who is convinced that something sinister stalks him; the weary soldier who runs afoul of a terrifying stranger; the man whose vacation is disturbed in a most unwelcome fashion; the former cop who finds himself searching for a missing child despite his status as a civilian; the young woman who finds herself trapped in a dark cellar following a tornado; these people, and others, each embark on their own dark journeys within these pages. Join them, won’t you? There is always room for one more on the Nightmare Escapade!

By: Dan Fiorella
A jaded private eye takes on the case of a lifetime when an unusually small client by the name of “Tweedle” walks in the door wearing a red and green outfit claiming his boss is missing.
By: Bianca Sloane

On a bitterly cold January evening, Tracy Ellis went for a jog along Chicago’s snowy lakefront and disappeared. Her body was discovered days later, her beautiful face bashed in with a rock. Police determine her brutal death to be a mugging gone wrong and drop the matter into their cold case files.

Over a year later, Tracy’s sister, Sondra, still can’t come to grips with what happened. She throws herself into her work as a documentary filmmaker to try and forget the cruelty of her sister’s death. However, a chance encounter with a man from Tracy’s past rips the wound open and sends Sondra on a desperate search for answers about the secrets from her sister’s life that may have led to her death.

As Sondra struggles to uncover what happened to Tracy, she’s launched into a tangled web of deceit and danger that put her on a collision course with life and death”¦

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By: Hanna Allen
When theatre director Max Quincey is found blinded and strangled, DCI Von Valenti is struck by the resemblance of the MO to that of the unsolved ”�Jack in the Box murders’ 15 years before. (A mutilated Jack in the Box toy was left at the crime scene beside the bodies of young male prostitutes.) But when she begins her investigation, no-one will tell her anything about Quincey’s murder, and everyone is lying about the past. Can she penetrate the wall of silence and find what links past to present?
By: Denise Templey
A birthday …

A secret project …

A missing blueprint …

An old acquaintance and a new one … friend or foe?Jayne Arnold travels home to look for an explanation.

— A cyber crime mystery —

— Book One of the Gable Village Mysteries Series —

By: Willow Rose

The first three books in the Rebekka Franck series by international Best-Selling Author Willow Rose.

Book 1 – One, Two … He is coming for you

Set in the Danish coastal town of Karrebaeksminde, journalist Rebekka Franck returns to her hometown with her six year old daughter. She is trying to escape her ex-husband and starting a new life for her and her daughter, when the small sleepy town experiences a murder. One of the kingdoms wealthiest men is brutally murdered in his summer residence in Karrebaeksminde. While Rebekka Franck and her punk photographer Sune try to cover the story for the local newspaper another murder happens on a high society rich man. Now Rebekka Franck realizes that the drowsy little kingdom of Denmark has gotten its first serial killer and soon a series of dark secrets – long buried but not forgotten – will see the day of light.

One, Two … He is coming for you is the first book in Willow Rose’s mystery-series about the reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune.

BOOK 2 – Three, Four … Better lock your door:

It was supposed to be a night of fun, pleasure, lust and pain for Susanne Larsen when she agreed to meet with a stranger from a S&M chatroom. She met him for dinner that later led to casual, anonymous sex at the hotel-room at the local inn.

But someone else showed up in the room and suddenly it was no longer a game.

Zeeland Times star-reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune are covering the case for the news-paper and soon they find themselves deeply involved in a story of terrifying horror and ugly secrets.

BOOK 3 – Five, Six … Grab your Crucifix:

The Priest is a man with a mission from God. He is to help those possessed by evil to finally become free from their stronghold. He has expelled demons for years and had great success.

But there is one demon he never managed to cast out. And that demon has now come back to get him.

Rebekka Franck and Sune are on a vacation in Northern Zeeland when they suddenly find themselves involved in what turns out to be their most horrifying case to this date.

“Five, Six … grab your crucifix” is a spine-chilling Scandinavian mystery-novel from the International Bestselling author Willow Rose. It is the third book in her series about the Danish reporter Rebekka Franck.

By: Kathy DiSanto

“To be, or not to be, the woman I was engineered to be?” That’s the question third-generation clone Kai-Lee Fox can’t help asking herself. And it’s all Ella Fitzgerald’s fault.

For more than four hundred years, all aboard the star cruiser Janus has been sweetness and light. Thanks to advanced techniques and a flawless educational system, life goes on … and on and on ”¦ for the five hundred souls (a.k.a., the Quingenti) who bolted Earth when the Global Assembly refused to legalize human cloning.

Who knew six lousy words could trigger a rebellion? Especially words as apparently harmless as, “There was only one Ella Fitzgerald.” But the words no sooner leave Kai’s mouth when the light goes on and the trouble begins. Before long the same truth that rocked her world makes itself known to a handful of others, and at least one of them doesn’t have the sense to keep quiet.

When Dr. Ke-Ling Yan, the Colony’s lead geneticist and a member of the ruling Council, announces his intention to move for the abolition of cloning, the mild-mannered Quingenti reveal themselves as anything but. Believing Ke-Ling is the only “catastrophically imbalanced” citizen, the Council opts for containment via the Alpha Genesis Option. (Think microchip, implanted in every colonist’s brain. Think excruciating, in extremis, involuntary intervention that wipes the mental hard drive, producing a zombie ready and willing to be reprogrammed.)

But word gets out before the mind police can make their move, and Ke-Ling takes containment completely off the table with a shockingly public suicide and a ship-wide broadcast designed to open everyone’s eyes. In no time at all, the life aboard the Janus morphs into an interstellar witch hunt. Every secret will be exposed, every non-compliant psyche raped.

Will Kai-Lee and her friends be able to hang onto the new lives they’ve found? Where do you run when you’re on a space ship millions of miles from nowhere, and the hounds are closing in?

Religion & Spirituality

By: Heather Bixler

There are plenty of Christian resources out there telling us how to manage our money. From budgeting, to couponing, to saving, to investing, (there are numerous) books, courses, and blogs available for all Christians to learn how to steward their money to better honor and glorify the Lord.

I think these resources are amazing and have often used them in my own life in order to become debt free and learn how to better manage my family’s finances. But one burning question always entered into my mind as I began to budget, coupon, and bring down my debt ”” what’s the point? my heart still struggled daily with greed and fear when it came to money.

In this four week mini Bible Study, we are not going to examine how to manage our money. Instead we are going to examine our heart towards money. One thing I have learned when it comes to money is this, it’s really not about HOW much money you have that will determine whether you are broke or rich, it’s WHERE your heart is towards God and towards money.

If we want to be good stewards of our money and honor God with the resources He has given us, then we need to look at our heart, not JUST our budget.


By: Mona Ingram
Transplanted to the heart of the Canadian prairies, Charlie Mitchell doesn’t know what to make of the farmer next door. He’s brash, confident, and very easy on the eyes! Jason Fleming has never met anyone quite like Charlie. She’s independent, bright and attractive, but every time they’re together, they clash. Can two ghostly lovers from the past make them see that love is forever? Can Jason, a practical farmer, understand Charlie’s promise to re-unite her ancestor with the man she’s never stopped loving…even in death?
Star Chronicles
By: Elysa Hendricks

When Star Trek meets Planet of the Apes, what’s a girl to do?

After recon pilot Cora Daniels crash lands on an alien planet she finds herself a prisoner of the Flock: a race of birdlike humanoids. Trapped in their zoo she discovers they intend her to mate. To breed. To be part of their human herd.

She’s placed in a cage with a man – a powerful, virile man, but not just any man – Alexander. Was he her lost love, who’d disappeared so long ago? Here he was: naked, glistening, a warrior trained by the Flock to fight for their amusement. How could the brilliant man, the tender lover she remember have become this animal born to dominate and destroy? Was he a pawn of the Flock or would their flight to freedom be a long-sought reunion?

By: C.J. Graves

Chastity had the childhood most people dream about–in nightmares. After years of abuse by her father, one day he injures himself on a power saw, and Chastity watches as he bleeds to death. She refuses to help. The ugliness of her past and this decision overwhelm her. Unable to talk about it, she stops talking altogether. Silence becomes her shelter.

Her luck seems to change when she meets Chuck, an aspiring cage fighter. At first, Chuck protects Chastity and takes care of her. He even introduces her to the martial arts, and Chastity discovers another side to herself–a stronger side.

But after losing a big tournament, Chuck’s moods grow dark, and he becomes increasingly violent towards Chastity. Chastity will need all her fight training to survive, but if she does, it may give her the power to change everything.

*Some explicit content

By: Travis Luedke
4.6 Stars on 45 Reviews. Vampires, strippers, escorts, night clubs, gangs, pimps & corrupt cops, the Nightlife of New York is never boring.

Aaron’s life is forever changed when he’s shot trying to rescue a drop-dead gorgeous woman on the streets of New York. Michelle’s existence as a solitary vampire is also altered, when she must share her blood to save him.

This story is bold & evocative infusing blood, sex, love & turmoil in an urban drama about two vampires battling evil outside & within themselves.

By: David L Dawson
Not all happily ever afters last forever…

Happily ever after for Snow White and Prince Charming lasts about a year. After that? Well, Snow White grows restless and the prince becomes a jerk. Snow needs a man, and action, and adventure. One day she will get that in the form of a battle with some goblins, and the arrival of a mysterious and handsome man called Trip. He will change her life, and that of the fantasy kingdom they live in, forever.The stunning first chapter in this year’s hottest new romance series, Snow White and Trip is a mixture of romance, adventure and fantasy for readers aged fifteen and up. The first volume consists of six chapters.

By: ER Pierce

A Guaranteed ‘Hot Lunch’ Read —

You’ve heard of the naughty nooner, well I’m taking it to new heights. Enjoy some steam as you eat your lunch and devour my hot lunch stories.

The perfect length to heat you up and send you running home for relief. Only have a few minutes to read and want a complete story? Look no further.

In Volume One meet Samantha and Ryan. They have been eying each other around the law office for a while. Join them as they explore each other in the most carnal of ways on their lunch hour.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Contains references to light BDSM – A spanking, and Samantha must call Ryan “Sir”.

Book Two, HOT OR COLD, releases on December 26/27th

By: Mona Ingram
Even though she’s surrounded by hockey-crazed family and friends, Claire doesn’t follow the game and when she meets a large, handsome man with a broken nose she doesn’t recognize him as a key player for the Vancouver Canucks.

Jack is intrigued with the notion of getting to know a woman who doesn’t know who he is; someone who isn’t attracted to him because of his fame.

When Claire’s brother Cam is injured in a hockey game, she offers to blog anonymously about the hot-button topic violence in hockey, unaware that Jack will be presenting the opposing view.

The attraction heats up between Claire and Jack, but can they survive the inevitable clash as they discover each other’s true identity?

Book Two in the Draper Estates Trilogy
By: kyokochurch
Labelled a nymphomaniac because of her passion, Lillianne Draper is forced to spend her days restrained. She has managed to banish the nefarious Dr Samms, who has watched her constantly, only to begin to question the motives of her scullery maid, Celeste. Charged with the task of monitoring her mistress’s illness, Celeste seems to enjoy her new responsibility a little too much. Lillianne must try and control her body’s responses or her husband will order the return of the doctor who tormented her. But being left every day at the mercy of Celeste is arousing desires in Lilly she didn’t know she had.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: L. A. Taylor
Miranda Glivven’s husband left home months ago on a secret assignment for the Governor and has not returned. Even his letters have stopped. With no news and no idea what has happened to him, Miranda goes on a search for her missing husband, accompanied only by a stray cat. On reaching her husband’s last known location, she finds the local authorities uninterested in helping to find him. Worse, some of the local citizens suspect Miranda of using magic, a treasonous offense, because of the unusual cat that has followed her on her quest. Although Miranda has always believed that magic is superstitious nonsense, she finds the circumstances of her beloved husband’s disappearance growing more and more mysterious….
Book 1 of The God Slayers Quartet
By: David L Dawson
The first volume in the exciting new dystopian fiction series!

The future of planet Earth is bleak. Two warring gods have decimated the planet. Fanatical religious cults, cannibals and cat/human hybrids are just some of the dangers out there. A young boy called Ben Casper lives in a crumbling shopping mall called The Glass Palace with his family. He’s just come back from a rites of passage into the brutal outside world that officially makes him an adult. Now he must get married and be trained to take over from his father as Mayor. Except he sees things differently now. He doesn’t want responsibility. The only things he truly wants is to go back out into the world and win the love of Brian, who happens to be his best friend’s brother. Only he might have responsibility thrust upon him when he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy to kill the gods and save the world; a plot that could lead everyone he loves into mortal danger…

By: G. T. Anders

An artist discovers strange abilities in himself when under the influence of a mysterious plant. A group of anarcho-primitivists seeks to subvert the construction of a gigantic skyscraper called The Tower of Babel. These two paths climb towards unstoppable collision.

The Tower of Babel is part political thriller, part apocrypha, and part Little Shop of Horrors””though it ain’t funny at all.

Episode 2: The Arrangement
By: T.L. Cason
In Episode 2, Ben Travis has escaped from Langford Prison in order to protect his fiancee, Rebekkah. Nathan Drake, the man who framed Ben and had him sent to prison, is one of the very few people who knows about Ben’s special gift, and how to use it for his own personal gain. In order to guarantee Rebekkah’s safety, Ben must use his gift for Drake or risk his own life, as well as Rebekkah’s. But Ben’s cooperation is finally put to the test. Can he continue cooperating or will he and Rebekkah take their lives in their own hands?
I Am Just Junco
By: J. A. Huss

Picture yourself lost in your own head, utterly unsure of yourself, surrounded by people who want to use you, take you away, or simply kill you.

This is Junco Coot, aged 19, year 2152, daughter of the Rural Republic’s ranking commander. Assassin, semi-famous athlete, and on the run.

How long can you lie to yourself before it all comes apart? Junco Coot is about to find out ”” and the world will never be the same.

By: Cliff Ball

In this combination of the novels New Frontier and Final Frontier, this is the story of alternate timelines, partial political thriller, and time travel, in which President Kennedy is kept from being assassinated, but there are other unintended consequences as a result.

In 1976, Ronald Reagan becomes President of the United States, declares the U.S. will plant a base on the moon by 1980 and a base on Mars by 1989. The Iranian Hostage Crisis occurs, but Reagan issues a stronger response by rescuing the hostages within two weeks of it happening. As a result, Osama bin Laden rises to power earlier than he normally would have in the prime timeline. Meanwhile, The Soviet Union decides to build a starship that will travel to the stars because they want to one-up the United States. The ship launches, but soon becomes lost, while the Soviets pretend it isn’t.

In the early 1990’s the U.S. and the Russians join forces to find the Soviet starship, which leads the joint venture to the other side of the galaxy by means of a wormhole. When they attempt to return to Earth, they find themselves in the past, where they try to fix certain events in the past while they wait to re-route the Soviet starship and for history in general to catch up to where they launched the joint mission to begin with.

Things go wrong as events do not play out as planned and numerous cases of unintended consequences result from the multiple attempts at fixing the timeline.

By: Michael Edward

Ethin is an evil being from another world that was defeated in battle and exiled. He has found a way to escape his banishment and return to those who defeated him. His offspring can penetrate our world, a world that has nothing to do with his war. Bound by territory, his evil offspring must end 100 humans in 24 hours. If they succeed Ethin will be freed. He will unleash his armies onto Earth and he will become powerful enough to return to his world. He will finish his war and he will end those who banished him. Can Earth survive Ethin’s rage for revenge?

The Beginning Of The End: Book One is the first book of the action-packed horror series T.B.O.T.E.

By: Michael Edward

Book Two has more action, more terror and it begins right where Book One left off. Ethin’s border expands and the survivors know that they have little time. They must find a way to end Ethin and his offspring. If they fail then Ethin will be free to spread his evil and conquer all of Earth.

The Beginning Of The End: Book Two is the second story of the action-packed horror series T.B.O.T.E.

By: Simon Kewin

The Genehunter #2: The Zombies of Death

Simms begins to uncover the truth about Boneyard. Problem is that nearly gets him badly killed and now he has to walk a line between a bunch of religious fanatics and the GMA who want him to spy on them.

Meanwhile, just to make life interesting, he’s employed to find the DNA of the members of punk band The Zombies of Death. To do that he needs the help of his old friend, Devi. But she’s gone completely AWOL. And he’s finding it hard to concentrate anyway because of what he’s learned about his ex-love, Kelly…
A Sci Fi cyberpunk novella set on an Earth slowly going to hell. The Zombies of Death is the second of five science fiction stories following the adventures of Simms, genetic detective and all-round nice guy.

A Dragon’s Path to Ascension (Dragons Reborn | Uutta Toivoa)
By: J. C. Harker

Tharia is faced with a harsh choice, a decision all young Toivoan Dragons must make. Destined for Ascension and the vast power that comes with it, they have to decide if they are willing to pay the ultimate price. Tharia had always been reluctant to get blood on her hands. Instead, she chose the life of a recluse, sacrificing power for simplicity and peace.

Once her own life is at stake, however, how long will she resist giving in to her fate?

This is a standalone short story (36 pages | 14k words) set in the same world as the rest of the Dragons Reborn | Uutta Toivoa series.

By: A.G. Kimbrough

After the Star Fell is a Science Fiction Novel set 3000 years after a large asteroid was sent to impact the earth. In orbit, survivor descendants, in a space station, watch, as two groups of humans claw their way back toward civilization. When that civilization advances to the point of generating radio transmissions, the aliens will send another asteroid, as they have done several times in the past.

The space station inhabitants lost their ability to withstand Earth’s gravity generations before. In a desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable, two survivors of the unsuccessful space defense battle are revived from a 3000-year cold sleep, and sent back to earth. This is their story.

By: Laura Fields
The life of 19 year old Jacque Winters has not been easy. After being diagnosed with leukemia, she was kidnapped by strangers and then forced to adjust to a society dominated by men.

Being on a new planet with lots of attention might sound great, but she is constantly in fear of being chased and forced to bond. Fortunately, Jacque has a few advantages over the rest of the population, like being the fastest. If she is going to be caught, then she has to be out-smarted.

By: Jeff Chapman
James is home alone, having once again turned down an invitation from his family to share in an evening out. He’s about to come face to face with a thief of a distinctly unnatural kind. This is a horror story featuring a sluagh, a spirit/creature from Irish and Scottish folklore.


By: A.I. Metam
The Success Book: Happiness & Contentment is the second installment of THE SUCCESS BOOK series. In this book, we explore the design and achievement of relevant goals that are the most suitable to your life and how to create a life of happiness and contentment. Happiness & Contentment is filled with insightful examples and helpful exercises for you to complete that will enable you to better pursue the life of your dreams.


By: C.M.Gray

Living in their old boat ”�The Griffin’ five young characters become the unlikely heroes at the end of time when a burglary sets them on the path to finish the ”�Last great Spell’ – a spell to stop the balance of the World tipping into Chaos…

They become the Magician, Thief, Priest and Fighter when a magical book guides them upon a quest that pits them against magic, demons and ”�The Hawk,’ an evil hunter of men.

Join a race against time to find three crystal skulls that must be brought together, while all the forces of Chaos try everything to stop them!

By: Robert Shaw
A boy meets and falls in love with a girl who stutters, and she changes his life! 14-year-old Mikey McElwaine dreams of the girl he longs to meet. She’s so real he can almost reach out and touch her… if he didn’t keep waking up and getting in trouble with the school bully. Then Mikey meets Lian in the waking world and she changes everything for everyone. The story is about having tolerance, understanding and acceptance for those who are different; having self-confidence, self-respect and respect for one’s peers, and dealing with bullies both youthful and grown-up.
By: Kenna McKinnon

After getting kidnapped by giant alien bees, twelve-year-old Jason Anderson is transported to a spaceship called SpaceHive. There, he learns of a horrifying plot to annihilate Earth’s human population so that extraterrestrial bees and wasps can migrate to a new world.

As a swarm of spaceships make a beeline toward Earth, Jason must convince three friendly worker bees to help him escape his space prison and find other humans to aid in his mission to stop the invasion. But General Vard, wasp commander of the Black Watch, has other plans.

Can Jason unite the nations of Earth in their common fight to destroy these alien invaders? Or will Earth be lost to the sting of conspiracy and a worldwide massacre?

Book II of the Witch Song Trilogy
By: Amber Argyle

Brusenna thought it was finished.

She defeated the Dark Witch, saving the Haven Witches from imprisonment and death. She found love and a place to belong.

She was wrong.

Haven is not the sanctuary it appears to be. Even love is in danger of slipping away like water through cupped hands.

Some things can’t be saved.

A new threat merges with the old as the Witches’ dark history begins to catch up with them. Only Brusenna knows the extent of the danger and how to stop it, though doing so might cost her everything.

Including her life.

Will Brusenna be required to make the ultimate sacrifice?


By: Donald J. Bingle

This heart-warming tale of Juneau, Skagway, and the White Pass was inspired by the statue of Patsy Ann, a bull terrier, on the docks of Juneau, Alaska. A familiar sight to the thousands who arrive in Juneau on cruises and ferry-boats which ply the Inside Passage from the Pacific Northwest through the panhandle of southeastern Alaska, the statue commemorates the life of Patsy Ann (1929-1942), a free dog who became the official greeter to all ships docking in Juneau.

This short story (approximately 3,800 words) by Donald J. Bingle (author of the award-winning short memoir, “Father’s Day”) is about one family on such a cruise and the strange and wonderful experience that their daughter, Julie, has with Patsy Ann.

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