by T J Quillen (Author)

Alex has only known the life of a young mercenary under the command of a monstrous Captain and is destined for a future of servitude. Little does he know that his life is about to change when he encounters an enigmatic Librarian and his young apprentice.


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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Publishing A Book On Nook Press


When you have a business that’s solidly number two at something, you can either strive to reach #1 or abandon your position. Pepsi is the number two soft drink, and it’s reveled in that slot with goofy comparison ads and celebrity endorsements. AT&T is the #2 cellular network, and it’s pushed forward to enhance reliability and create memorable commercials. Barnes & Noble, the company behind the Nook Press publishing platform, however, has opted for the latter path.

Barnes & Noble has withdrawn significant financial support from its self-publishing platform. The business already lacked in several key areas compared to Amazon. Now it’s starting to fall even further behind.

So, here’s the big question: Is it still worth publishing there? It takes time and resources to get your book up on any platform, so you need to make sure that Nook Press is worth your investment. Here are five facts about the platform that may influence your decision:

1. Nook Is on the Decline

Image from http://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/barnes-and-noble-nook-hd-review

Before any kind of wide-sweeping statistics came out, it was obvious among indies that Nook Press was losing its grip on the #2 sales spot. Once the studies did come out, the numbers were no surprise. According to a Barnes & Noble press release, digital sales of ebooks were down 25 percent during the 2014 holiday season when compared to 2013. Seeing such a significant drop with more e-reading products out than ever shows just how far Nook Press has fallen.

Some authors expressed hope that the company’s new offering of print on demand services might be a positive sign for the platform. Unfortunately, most pundits believe that the additional features are nothing more than part of a play to sell the struggling division. If they’re right, then the future of Nook Press could have more to do with the company that buys the platform than the fate of Barnes & Noble.

2. Indie Authors Dominate the Bestseller Lists

One of the problems for Nook Press has been its poor user interface. Searching for the right book on the platform can be a challenge for Nook readers. In fact, some voracious readers have admitted to searching for books on Amazon and then buying them on Barnes & Noble. Their search engine is so bad it’s literally pushing people away.

Searching the bestseller lists is similarly rough. That’s why it was so important when Hugh Howey and Data Guy pulled statistics from the Barnes & Noble bestseller list as part of their Author Earnings project. Without that data, the media could label their Amazon findings as a one-platform fluke. The pundits needn’t have worried.

Howey and Data Guy found that more than half of the books on the Barnes & Noble bestseller lists were written by indies. While the overall earnings from the platform were still weighed in favor of the Big 5 Publishing companies, the data showed that self-published authors have a major presence on the platform.

3. You Need to Pay Attention to Format

Image from http://toc.oreilly.com/2012/02/unified-ebook-format-end-drm.html

When Nook Press, formerly Pub It!, came into being, it looked a little half-baked compared to Amazon. Payment problems surfaced from time to time. There were issues with formatting and support. While some of those issues have been corrected in over two years of business, a few of them remain in place for indies to cope with.

Nook Press uses the ePub format. You’d think that would mean you could easily add in your Apple or Kobo version and upload it to the platform. The only problem is, that’s no guarantee your file will be accepted. Formatting can be wonky on Nook Press, and you may upload a book that returns errors for no discernible reason. Nook Press doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to fix these ongoing issues.

That being said, there are some formatting benefits to Nook Press. After you upload your book file, you can get a chapter-by-chapter look of your ePub file in a manual editor. Author Joanna Penn has said this editor allows her to easily switch in new front and back matter or fix errors without having to upload it all over again. This is by far one of the best book preview features of all the self-publishing platforms.

4. Support Has a Bad Reputation

Image from http://blog.newsystemsthinking.com/category/systems-thinking-and-financial-industry/

Amazon and Apple have their shortcomings when it comes to support, but their customer service is golden compared to Nook Press. The retailer’s support is notoriously bad. Many emails go completely unanswered, and the replies that are sent seem like they’re simply meant to delay the issue. It can be more productive to unpublish a problematic book than it is to get Nook Press support to fix the errors.

With the withdrawal of financial backing from the parent company, it’s doubtful this issue will change going forward. If you ever have questions or issues with a Nook book, then you should first take to forums like KBoards and ask other authors before trying to contact support.

5. Connections With Merchandizers Are Key

Image from http://www.retailassistance.com/merchandisers.asp

It’s been a running theme with Kobo and Apple, and the theme continues with Barnes & Noble. Nook Press isn’t built to give customers the best possible book for them. It’s meant to sell higher-ticket items. To improve your sales at Nook Press, you’ll need to make connections with Nook reps and present them with a strong pitch in the company’s best interest. If you can convince them with numbers that promoting your $9.99 box set will do well, then you might be able to make it happen.

Meeting a Nook Press rep is about knowing the right people or visiting conferences where the reps will be in attendance. The latter may be more effective due to the face time you’re able to secure. It can also be expensive to attend these kinds of events, but a $300 price tag may be worth thousands of dollars you could sell with a strong promo on Nook Press.

6. It’s Still #2 For Many Authors

Image from http://westerngreatlakesdistrict.org/7-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-wgld-website/

Despite all the problems, Nook Press continues to be the number two source of income for many authors. Even though the support is practically nonexistent and networking is a key part of success, it’s a worthwhile platform if you’re willing to work it hard. With enough high-quality books in your catalogue, four-figure months are definitely possible on Nook Press.

Get In While You Can

There’s no telling what the future holds for Nook Press in 2015 and beyond. The retailer could stabilize and remain a major publishing option for indie authors. It could also tank, either to disappear or be absorbed by one of the other major platforms. Whichever path Nook takes, it’s unlikely to happen until at least the end of the year. At least 5-10 good sales months remain for the retailer, and your efforts to build relationships with readers and reps will be well rewarded if Nook Press takes the more optimistic of the two paths.

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5 Important Things To Know About Publishing A Digital Book On Kobo


There aren’t many book retailers with as much of a personal focus as Kobo. When’s the last time you listened to a podcast sponsored by the iBooks store or Nook Press? The team at Kobo Writing Life has done a lot to get its name out there in the indie community. The PR for Kobo is through the roof, but how are the book sales at the Canadian retailer?

Like with Apple or Nook Press, few authors count Kobo as their number one source of sales. Authors who’ve had their work featured in a Kobo promotion have touted four-figure monthly revenue with books sold in a variety of countries. Meanwhile, most indies sum up their experience with Kobo like so: I love Kobo. I just wish I sold some books there.

There are several action steps you’ll need to take if you plan to pull in some sales at Kobo. Here are five things you may not have known about the Canadian sleeping giant:

1. It Has An International Focus

Image from http://the-digital-reader.com/2013/10/09/kobo-expanding-directions-drops-hints-russian-kobo-store-signs-new-retail-partner-spain/

On the KBoards forum, some authors talk at great length about the Brown Bar of Shame (BBOS). This refers to the formerly browned out monthly report that you see if you haven’t made a sale in a certain country on Amazon. If Kobo had a similar interface, then there would be a lot more BBOSes to speak of.

Kobo sells books to 190 countries. Any listener of The Creative Penn has heard host Joanna Penn talk at length about her sales in dozens of countries. While it’s difficult to get a foothold in countries outside the U.S., the U.K., and Canada, Kobo can help you to sell books to millions of readers throughout the globe.

2. Kobo Took Over for Sony

Image from https://gigaom.com/2013/01/18/this-week-in-ebooks-kobo-ramps-up-book-country-goes-free-inkling-gets-googled/

If you published books on Smashwords between 2010 and 2013, then you’ll remember the ever-present disappointment from the Sony store. The platform, which was rarely known to bring indies significant sales, faded into obscurity long before Kobo acquired its customers in March 2014.

By obtaining Sony’s ebook customers, Kobo increased its number of clients served from several million to 21 million. What’s difficult to know is how many of those millions of additional customers were disillusioned by the problematic Sony store. Regardless, Sony’s loss is Kobo’s gain and the platform has higher potential after the acquisition than it did beforehand.

3. You Can Schedule Promos Ahead of Time

Image from http://vev.hisf.no/en/home/planning_your_stay

Kobo is a very recent entry to the ebook game. This leads to both positives and negatives for the platform. While it doesn’t have nearly the customer reach of Amazon or Apple, it does have one of the cleanest publishing interfaces of the entire bunch.

Kobo Writing Life’s publishing program allows you to schedule price promotions well in advance. It also lets you set these promotional prices in different currencies. To do the same thing on Amazon, you’d need to remind yourself to change the prices manually on the day before your promo. Kobo has made it much easier for the overworked indie to keep discounted book campaigns on schedule.

4. There’s a Page For Free Book Promos

Image from http://sf.funcheap.com/city-guide/bay-areas-free-book-store/

Kobo made waves in 2014 by promoting its First Book Free page. This is a page dedicated solely to free books, with most of them representing the start of a new series for readers to check out. Mark Lefebvre, the director of self-publishing and author services at Kobo Writing Life, has given multiple interviews on the subject of Kobo and the First Books Free page. To get featured on the page, authors should contact the Kobo Writing Life team directly. You’re more likely to get your page featured there if it’s linking to other higher-priced books later on in the series.


5. Success Requires Networking

Image from http://www.theelementsofpower.com/index.cfm/power-and-influence-blog/the-power-of-networking/

Kobo has massive potential and the platform has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two years. For all its promise, the retailer is still based on merchandisers who want to move books that are $4.99 or higher. If you’re selling a ton of books on Kobo, then you’ll probably hear from a Kobo rep to include you in future promotions. When your Kobo sales are lagging, however, you’ll need a sales pitch and the ear of a rep to give you a shot at joining a lucrative promotion.

Try to make a direct connection with Kobo reps at conferences or online through podcasts and blog comments on the Kobo Writing Life website. Keep in mind that a random email requesting your inclusion in a promo won’t be good enough. You need one or multiple books at a high-enough price point for it to be worth their time. If you peddle nothing but 99-cent novellas, then you may not get much help from the Kobo hierarchy.

A Brand On The Rise

Kobo is doing almost everything right when it comes to getting its name out there. Authors who sell with Kobo have rated it highly for both attitude and customer experience. While the platform tends to be a third, fourth or fifth option for some authors, this will change over time as the ebook market matures internationally. It may not ever overtake Amazon, but it’s easy enough to publish on Kobo that it’s more than worth it to put your books up there and give it a go.

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Featured Book of the Day – Life Is a Funny Road

Life Is a Funny Road by [Cunningham, Bridget]by Bridget Cunningham (Author)

Ever since she was young, Maddie Wallace loved to make people laugh on stage. But one bad experience made her leave that all in the past and focus on her career in the corporate world. When the world gives her a sign, she has to decide whether she wants to give comedy a second chance after all. While on this journey, she experiences various highs and lows — all part of this funny road called life.


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