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By: Ruth Price

A dangerous winter. Deadly peril. Will Annie snatch triumph from the jaws of tragedy?

As Annie struggles to save her failing business, her life spirals towards disaster. Growing up means she can’t stay “one of the boys.” And even if she could, none of her friends like playing second fiddle to a flock of ill-tempered goats. But when a hard winter puts the goats, and Annie herself, in deadly peril, can she snatch triumph from the jaws of tragedy?

Parenting & Relationships

Parenting With Love And Logic
By: Kevin Cole
Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common they have a keen eye for opportunity. When an entrepreneur looks at the world, he sees it differently. She sees ”˜business opportunities’. But an entrepreneur sees profit an opportunity to open a profitable convenient store. Keep your eyes open for such opportunities and have the courage to grab it. Self-reliance is your independent willpower to discover ways that you can make changes. This is your autonomy or self-governing will to take charge of your life.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

A Seeker’s Journey
By: Chris Bowen

Transform your inner journey. Go from the full mind to mindfulness.

Seek Your Silence
Validate Your Voice
Soar Your Spirit

Wanted and Welcomed. Seekers of all kinds. Come take a little comfort and refuge from the Great Age of Sound. Discover what the ancient bell makers knew. Find what all people once knew. Travel yourself for a few hours and you may find it to be still true today.

Sadly, over time, bell makers were replaced with noisemakers. They peddled work with little purpose and great distractions to fill what they claimed to be the emptiness inside. No one before then thought they were empty. Instead, they knew that inside, deep inside us all, lay the vast endlessness of possibility. But soon, people were so filled with noise, they could no longer hear themselves. They could no longer hear the voice within. The people became so filled with noise and distraction that they had no room left inside for even one more clear, radiant note from a bell. This began the Great Age of Sound. But, before this Great Age of Sound, there were bell makers. And they were magic. This is the story of one such man.


By: Nicole Casey

Jon Morris needs this job, it’s the only thing he’s ever really cared about. Working within the gaming industry and getting himself one step closer to creating his own game is all he’s ever wanted…

What he didn’t expect was for his new job to leave him working under the guidance of Alex Kale ”” a man he met on a random night out a few weeks ago. The one he shared a hot, thrilling night of fun with, never to be repeated. How is he supposed to keep that dream alive whilst trying to navigate that complication?

When Alex moved his whole life to take on this new job, he didn’t really know what he was getting himself in for. Now he has to run an incompetent team, whilst also dealing with the strong feelings he has for his new PA. It doesn’t help that he knows how strong their sexual chemistry is.

Working closer together only increases the sizzling tension between them, leaving them both unable to resist. Will caving to their feelings for one another leave them with the happy ever after that they both want, or will it explode in their faces leaving both their dreams shattered?

Loving Mr. Kale is a sweet stand-alone M/M romance with a satisfying HEA ending!

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