Frank Chase Jr Testimonial

“I am a AMC premium member. So far, I would say that I have used a lot of the tools they offfer and it has been helpful. I had one book published before my recent book, but I did do lot of marketing because of time and money. Author Marketing Club gives you lots of tools, and training videos to get your book noticed. They have resources that on the site to help authors move their books forward.”

Frank Chase Jr, author of book


Robert Donator Testimonial

“Author Marketing Club comes as a boon to those who wish to be independent authors in the already overloaded tough world of literature, competing with big name publishers with deep pockets to promote their stable of established writers. Someone had to break this stranglehold in order to bring in a paradigm shift for bringing in new talent in the reading world as world literacy grows.”

Robert Donator, author of The Counter Terrorist


Maria Rusu Testimonial

“Do you happen to experience many WOW moments in your life? To me, it happened when I discovered Author Marketing Club Premium option. I was so excited I wanted to click on all the options in the same time! Thrilled, I asked myself: ”Maria, do you really think you found what you were looking for?” Absolutely! The Author Marketing Club premium membership offers you everything you need to become a better author entrepreneur. I highly recommend it!”

Rusu Maria, author of Kiki the Kitty


Tim Haag Testimonial

“Really glad I signed up for the premium membership of AMC. Tons of helpful, pertinent content [am in the middle of Derek Doepker’s session and finished Amar’s Master Class as well.] AMC’s resources and the Sell More Books Show with Bryan Cohen have spurred me to more action than the other programs I’ve explored. Thanks for that.”

Tim Haag, author of Writing Warmups