Tara Woods Turner Testimonial

“As an independent author I’m a big believer in taking the literary bull by the horns when it comes to writing, publishing and marketing my titles. That is why I am so glad to have discovered Author Marketing Services! I now have the benefit of great articles and tools specifically geared towards helping me get my work out there like a true writing professional. It’s made all the difference in not only my knowledge base but my enthusiasm as well!”

Tara Woods Turner, author of Beyond Good Manners


Amie O’Brien Testimonial

“Every morning I dedicate the first 2 hours of my day to promoting my book and engaging readers. Hardly any of those mornings am I not using AMC’s premiere services. With limited time, I have to make sure everything I do is done wisely and AMC’s tutorials and gadgets keep me on track. I no longer feel that being an indie author means I have to go at clueless or solo.”

Amie O’Brien, author of The Merchant’s Pearl