Diana Shulman Testimonial

“Would you take advice from a 3 time loser? I’m betting you would provided she’s got Author Marketing Club in her back pocket. True enough, my new book The ABCs of Love has a wide audience (basically anybody in a relationship), but I’d never have gotten as far as I have without AMC Premium. Click the link below and see for yourself!”

Diana Shulman, author of The ABCs of LOVE


Haley Belinda Testimonial

“I am an author of Children’s books and a poet. I came across the Author Marketing Club when I heard about the reviewer tool. I browsed a couple of video’s a few times. Then, decided I would give it a go… It is a revolution in helping indie authors to market their books. There is so much more than the reviewer tool, it’s a cost effective way to target different aspects such as description making and cost effective promotional channels. There are also many tutorials to help you along the way to achieving your goals. I am glad I found it.”

Haley Belinda, author of The Year Heavy Hail Halted Christmas