Stewart Raffill Testimonial

“Author Marketing Club is a valuable resource for any author that is marketing their novel. It has many useful and up to date resources. For sure it provides tools that make one’s marketing plan more directed, engaging and successful. I was referred to it by a friend who had good results from the reviewer information provided. I look forward to exploring all that is has to offer and I am appreciative of the excellent information available. Check it out – it’s all good!”

Stewart Raffill, author of Rage


Terry Lynne Hale Testimonial

“AMC Rocks!

I am super jazzed about joining the Author Marketing Club as a Premium Lifetime Member. After hearing about AMC from successful authors and entrepreneurs like Joanna Penn and more recently, Chris Syme, I had to explore the benefits. Once I did, there was no way I could pass up this opportunity for an amazing education through abundant resources like instructional webinars covering everything from podcasting to preselling your book, to Goodreads to Amazon, to crowdfunding and much more.

One of the major draws for me was the Reviewer Grabber tool since I’m in the early stages of building an author platform and need to find reviewers for my book(s.) Unfortunately, it’s been down the past few weeks since I joined due to changes on Amazon’s end. I understand this reflects the fluidity of the Internet and is a reminder that we must be diligent about using all kinds of tools and processes that are not wholly dependent on others. Still, I am anxious for a resolution so I can use this well-respected tool.

AMC provides guidance on all things related to marketing your book and developing your brand. For those just starting out, Premium members are given a free pre-made book cover; AMC Founder Jim Kukral and his team will create a WordPress Blog for you and even provide a free domain name and 10 of the most popular plugins to get your business off the ground! All you pay is a low-cost monthly hosting fee to Blue Host.

I’m still discovering all the benefits of my membership and am confident the services will continue to grow and expand. After all, AMC’s focus is on teaching me marketing tactics and strategies that will increase my book discovery.”

Terry Lynne Hale,


Jenni Regan Testimonial

“I am a new author attempting to navigate the muddy waters of the self publishing world! There is so much to learn and signing up to the Author Marketing Club has been a good way to tap into this knowledge and use a number of useful tools such as the blurb writing boost. I look forward to using the club for my next books too!”

Jenni Regan, author of The Girl Who Just Wanted to Have Fun