Ray Brehm Testimonial

“I believe my AMC Premium membership returned the entire annual cost back to me within a couple of weeks. I joined right as I was launching my book, and immediately used the AMC Buzz feature to get all kinds of Twitter exposure. I then significantly improved my Amazon Description by using the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker. I continue to use the Review Grabber Tool to get quality reviews for my books. I have only scratched the surface of the tools available inside the Premium Members section, but I highly recommend it if you are an aspiring author (or a seasoned one).”

Ray Brehm, author of Author Your Success


Richard Wiegand Testimonial

“Just wanted to say that I’ve been enjoying being an Author Marketing Club Premium member for many reasons.
The Academy instruction is first-rate, and I’m getting a lot of guidance and inspiration from the Masterclasses, which cover advanced content and marketing strategies. The customer Review Grabber is worth its weight in gold as well. I would like to give a huge thumbs up for the support team, who have always been there to answer some of my questions when I was stuck.”

Richard Wiegand, author of DOG BREEDS: The Top 100 Dog Breeds with Pictures