Joss Landry Testimonial

“Well, not being very tech savvy, took me a while to get Google Chrome downloaded to my Mac. But, that’s just me, right?
Anyway, when I did, I was able to get the app to find reviewers for my new book, What About Barnum? This is available to Premium Members and is called: Amazon Reviewer Grabber System.
So far, I have sent out Mobi files, Ebook files and the printed version of the book to fifty readers who have agreed to review my book.
I already have 6 five-star reviews and all because of this application. This neat tool scans reviewers in the genre you wish and finds the available emails. You can then send them a note asking them to review your book.
It’s as simple as one, two, and three. Now, I’m not even mentioning the other tools like Master Classes in writing, help with publicity for your book, ongoing promotions. One of the best tools for authors I have come across in a long time!”

Joss Landry, author of What About Barnum?


Doug Kelly Testimonial

“The Author Marketing Club is the greatest thing for authors since pen and ink were invented. Everything an author needs is here — from the means to sell your books to access to some of the newest books on the market, to submitting your ebook to Kindle, to advertising the right way to get readers. I marvel at the way Jim Kukrai has assembled all these tools to be used as easy one could possibly want them. And of all things, it’s also free, or you can join as a member for more access. As one member said, “It’s too good to be true.””

Doug Kelly, published author

Valerie Davisson Testimonial

“What a relief! Amazon’s Author Marketing Club is exactly as advertised. When I discovered Author’s Marketing Club, I was excited to see valuable, authentic tools I could use right away.
Indie and Small-Press Authors are inundated with less-than honest offers of marketing services, but AMC delivers the real thing. Most valuable to me was the Review Grabber tool I received with the Premium membership. Several reviewers contacted me the first day I used it. I love the specificity with which I can find reviewers who enjoyed books similar to mine.
In exploring the other classes and tools that come with Premium, I see the practical knowledge base it took me over two years to learn, all in one place! If you are a new author or publisher, Amazon’s Author Marketing Club is a fantastic value!”

Valerie Davisson, author of Shattered: Logan Book 1


Linda Heavner Gerald Testimonial

“Author Marketing Club provides excellent services for each author regardless of your success rate. I have published twelve novels. Constantly, I struggle to grow my reader base. The Premium member really helps me reach more readers. I especially like the opportunity of book reviews for new releases. This club offers help and support to all of us. Great job, Author Marketing Club!”

Linda Heavner Gerald, author of book


Jack Falworth Testimonial

“I became an Author Marketing Club Premium member as a result of Jim’s website being recommended to me when I was seeking ways to promote my novels. As a relative newcomer to the world of self-publishing over the internet, I have been most impressed by the range of services provided by AMC to assist independent writers such as myself. I was also pleased to discover that being a writer of erotic fiction did not bar me from membership.”

Jack Falworth, author of From Virgin to Porn Star